Minion Fun With House of Fraser

We love shopping for bargains and House Of Fraser have a fair good selection of them at any given time! This time I was looking at kids toys and decided to theme my search when asked to feature toys. A Minions search ensued.
For a total of £30 I managed to get a whole lot them! 
Jigsaws for both monkeys, Top Trumps, A Bowling Set and a Book! I knew as soon as I saw the toys that both monkeys would love them all as ultimately they adore the minions and they enjoy doing jigsaws, playing top trumps and reading books. They have also loved going ten-pin bowling. So we set about playing with it all indoors.
Big monkey in particular loves playing top trumps with Daddy (mostly at bedtime) so we were onto a win win situation when I found all these online at House of Fraser. Like before delivery was quick and ordering straight forward!
The book at just £3.49 has been a hit with both monkeys who's favourite Minion is Bob!
The jigsaws are great. One for older kids (6yrs +) which I helped with and the other set of 4 jigsaws for children 3+ yrs. Those, little monkey needed little help with! This one above was £8.
The bowling set caused much fun and competition in the kitchen! The monkeys had a better aim than me! At £7.50 this would make a great stocking filler gift along with all the other featured toys above. A successful shop all round.
Thanks House of Fraser! 

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Project 365 - Week 48

Day 326. We had an awesome family day out in London and of course went on the London Eye! 

Day 327. This little lot arrived for me! Looking forward to having a girly night in with it.

Day 328. Big monkey won the chance to be a Mascot at the Champions League match between Arsenal & Dinamo Zagreb at the Emirates...an awesome never to be forgotten opportunity!

Day 329. A day at work for me but stopped nearby to get this shot!

Day 330. Hubby got the ingredients to make his beloved cheesecake for friends coming Saturday.

Day 331. Housework and gym day. Feeling cleansed! 

Day 332. These two monkeys are showing off their new t-shirts from FG4 fashion! 

Where are the weeks flying? We're almost ready for Christmas now and I've had some exciting new this week relating to the blog! More news later! The monkeys are good and everyone is well! (Thank goodness). 

Say it With Bears - Review

Little monkey has been sent a new furry friend from Say it With Bears. The Fuddlewuddle Monkey by Jelly Cat. 
Say It With Bears offer an extensive range of personalised teddy bears with personalisation options on bears making a Say It With Bears teddy a very special gift. Each bear comes with a birth certificate and a greetings card. You can add a personalised jumper with your own custom message on it, a personalised ribbon and an engraved personalised tag or no personalisation.
This cute fella arrived with a plain jumper on his ultra soft fur which as you can see little monkey took an instant shine to! He comes costs £23.99 and has different options for personalising him. The Jellycat Fuddlewuddle soft and cuddly lion is a very friendly chap. He has a beautiful mane and a long bushy tail. He is 25cm tall. I think they are friends for life!
Say It With Bears stock many many different bears of all makes, shapes and sizes. I've spotted a microwavable minion cuddly toy (which I may have to purchase for this little monkey!) They sell lots of well known brands too including Blue Nose Friends, Steiff, Disney, Marvel and much more for all manner of occasions.
Little monkey now leaves his new friend in his bedroom where the lion keeps guard and looks over him whilst he sleeps at night. He has yet to name him! Leo gets my vote! He would certainly make a great gift this Christmas or for any special occasion.
We were sent this teddy for review. All thoughts are my own.


Slug In A Jug - Orchard Toys - Review

We love a good game we can all play here and also love Orchard Toys so when I was asked to become an ambassador I was delighted to accept. One of our roles is to review the Orchard Toys, so we have been sent Slug in a Jug to put to the test! 
Three fun rhyming word games. Play Slug in a Jug by collecting rhyming cards to make a silly sentence, or play Find the Rhyme or Rhyming Pairs. Suitable for ages 5-9yrs and for 2-4 players Slug in a Bug has a RRP of £7.50.

Ideal for both the monkeys who are both within the recommended age range, this seemed like a great game to encourage little monkey to play now that he is at school and learning his phonics!
I have to say at this point we've concentrated more on the silly sentence aspect of the game, which both monkeys found funny, though perhaps a little tricky at times for little monkey who needed help to make up sentences!
The game took about the right length of time to play before little monkey started to get bored (which was mainly due to him not finding cards that had the same sounds on as the one in front of him.
The quality of the game pieces are excellent and the pictures clear and bright. The monkeys love this sort of rhyming and matching game that we can all sit down together and play. This game helps with -

  • Develops Personal and Social Skills
  • Encourages Observational Skills
  • Promotes Language and Literacy 

The rhyming cards are colour coded. Meaning children who don't understand rhyming can still play and learn. We would recommend it to others with children of a similar age (Especially those learning to read). Along with many of the other Orchard Toys games we already own we think this one is great!


The Value of Sight!

How much do we take our sight for granted? My sight is very important to me and always has been. I come from a family of glasses wearers due to being short or long sighted. Both my Grandad and Mum had cataracts which were removed via operations on the NHS and hubby has an astigmatism, so none of us take our sight for granted but many people do! 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose your sight? Close your eyes and imagine going about your day – how much of what you do would still be possible if you couldn’t see, and had no support or help adapting? Who or what would you miss seeing most? Now imagine how frustrating it would be if the condition that caused your sight loss was completely treatable, but medical help was out of your reach.

A year ago Sightsavers launched the #MillionMiracles appeal with the aim of funding a million sight-saving cataract operations at a cost of £30 each. To support the appeal this year they’re asking the UK public to think about the #ValueofSight, and how they would probably give anything to save their vision.

People like Laurinda in Mozambique, who is in her early 30’s and a single mother to seven children, including one year old Telma who she has never seen. She’s been blind for four years, can’t work or even get water for herself, and had no hope of seeing again until the Sightsavers mobile surgery team met her during a village screening.
Sightsavers asked three volunteers to take on a challenge that would change the way they thought about their sight forever!
A pretty powerful video don't you think! If you would like to donate to help save someones sight and support the #MillionMiracles appeal please do take a moment to do so. 
Here in the UK we are lucky to have the NHS but others like
Laurinda do not have that luxury! Sadly my Grandad is no longer with us but my Mum is and her sight is almost perfect now. She no longer even wears glasses all the time. 
I so pleased that Laurinda got her cataracts removed and can now see again.
Sponsored post.


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