Top Trumps Came Up Trumps!

Just recently we had the most awesome invite to celebrate the launch of Top Trumps 'London 30 things to see pack' It involved a tour of some of London's Iconic sights on a Routemaster bus so I just knew with little monkey being such a huge bus fan, that we HAD to go!
Here's what Top Trumps have to say about their latest pack! 
"Explore Britain’s most iconic city with the new Top Trumps 30 Things To See In London pack!
Been there, Trumped that! How well do you really know the Nations’ Capital? Bringing together 30 of the biggest tourist attractions to be found across London, you can now play among your friends and family to find out who has what it takes to become the ultimate London Tour Guide!
Packed full of quirky facts and figures on a combination of well - known landmarks and off-the-beaten-track hidden gems, players in groups of 2-6 can learn and discover interesting background info on 30 places to see around London including details of travel times from specific tube stops and entry prices! From London Zoo to the Shard; Science Museum to HMS Belfast the pack leaves no London stone unturned in its journey to bring you the best of London in one handy playable set – perfect for your travels around the Capital! Many of the attractions featured in the pack will be handing out free Super Top Trumps bonus cards that can be played in conjunction with the main pack. See how many you can collect!"

The 30 Things To See In London pack is available from July RRP £4.99 for Top Trumps fans of all ages! Big monkey is really enjoying playing with the pack. There are lots of facts and figures even I had forgotten about!
So what did we get up to Sunday? I think the following photos will tell you a lot! 
We met the team from Norton and Co at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, where we were given a guided tour and the monkeys had a Tour guide sheet with facts and figures on, which they were asked to complete during our day.
Next we donned Top Trump tee.shirts and boarded a fab routemaster bus where we went on a tour, passing some of London's famous landmarks. On board we were joined by Moris (Boris), Pearl Gates and Tina Tarina for fun, laughs and party food! Cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, crisps and drinks were passed around for all to enjoy, until we reached our final destination.....The Shard.
Goodie bags and passes were handed out then we made up way up The Shard to the 69 floor! 33 floors in 23 seconds is pretty impressive. The views were awesome, and the champagne was pretty good too! 
We had a fantastic day thanks to Winning Moves & Top Trumps. The monkeys, as you can see loved it all.

About Winning Moves 
Winning Moves UK Ltd is an independently owned, London based, games company which owns and / or distributes a range of classic game brands such as Top Trumps, Regional MONOPOLY, Waddington’s Number One Playing Cards, PIT, Bananagrams and Pass the Pigs. Winning Moves is also the exclusive licensee in Europe, Middle East and Africa for limited editions of Hasbro games including MONOPOLY, Cluedo, RISK and Twister.  
www.winningmoves.co.uk www.toptrumps.com  

We were not asked to write this post but wished to share our amazing day out. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Our Teacher's Thank You Gift

As I write this I'm feeling quite emotional. For today big monkey finished in year one and we said farewell to his two teachers. He has had a brilliant year at school and both his teachers have been fantastic. I've no idea where the academic year has gone, but it seems a very short time since I was sat in his year one class last September meeting his teachers and hearing all about their plans for the class. Now, another year is over and he'll be returning to school in year two! I've huge admiration for his teachers, who have worked so hard with the class and helped him to come on in leaps and bounds.
We're very lucky as the children in his class all seem really lovely too and the teachers often comment that they are so lucky to have such a good class. The parents get on well too, so a couple of Mum's recently arranged a collection for the teachers and learning support assistants, to say a huge thank you for all their hard work. I like to do a little something myself though, so asked Daddy and Monkey if they would like to make the Rock Cakes, they seem so good at making. My input? Buying the tin to present them in! Here's how they got on.
They look yummy and I have it on good authority that they tasted good too! Of course we couldn't leave little monkey out, so he helped make them as well. Hubby loves making bits in the kitchen with the monkeys from time to time, and it was good to show our appreciation to his teachers. 
I hope they all have a well deserved rest before all the lesson planning and such goes on, ready for the Autumn term. Enjoy the summer holidays!

Aqua Pura Champions

As a family we like to be outside with the monkeys as much as possible, keeping active and making the most of the great outdoors. The monkeys love running around, playing football, riding their bikes and playing at the park! So we've signed up to be Aqua Pura Champions. Drinking water is vital to staying healthy and just a part of keeping fit and having fun. 
We'll be keeping in touch with Aqua Pura about our quest to be active, stay fit and drink water. To help they've supplied us with water and given us a great incentive to go out as a family for a fun filled action packed day! Keep you posted on that one!
Stay tuned! 


Galt - Mini Masterpiece By Big Monkey

Big monkey is pretty keen on art and loves putting his creative side down on paper, so when Galt Toys asked me if he would like to take part in their ‘Mini Masterpiece’ series, (6 templates from famous works of art that little ones can print and decorate themselves, to create their very own mini masterpieces) I felt he would enjoy it. The theme this time was ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt and we were sent a set of colour by numbers pen paints and cards to get him in the mood and ready to take part.
Usually he is keen to cover every bit of the paper, this time though he has focused on 'less is more'. I'm liking the blank black and white sections against the coloured in bits. All his own work and pretty neat for a six year old.
What do you think to his finished piece? It's a pretty intricate piece don't you think!

#MySundayPhoto Week 29


Week 29 #365 Round Up Post

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky
Just a few more days at school then little monkey will no longer be one of the smallest at Preschool when he returns in September. Big monkey will be in year two. How that has happened so quickly I do not know! My babies are growing up far too quickly! We've had Sports Day round two this week. VERY hot weather, so we've been spending limited time outside unless in the shade. A large family picnic at big monkeys school. Here's our Week 29 post: Days 194-200
Day 194. Just as we pulled up at the park late afternoon, little monkey fell asleep in the car. He slept quite a while too!

Day 195. Big monkey took part in cup stacking during his sports day at school. That's a new one on me!

Day 196. Little dude asked us to put his cap on back to front. This is his pose for the camera!
Day 197. Playing 'shops' with MumBucks and wearing shades upside down before school.
Day 198. Keeping cool indoors and glued to Ben and Holly just after daddy made him a train track.
Day 199. Big monkey striking his haka pose for school, wearing the New Zealand flag colours for their Commonwealth picnic.

Day 200. These two monkeys have been having fun at soft play today!

I'm hoping the next few days are cooler and the thunder storms soon go away! How has your week been?


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