Epping and Ongar Railway - Our very rainy day out!

I don't know about where you are but the weather this last Sunday was shockingly dismal. It rained all day and was pretty cold too. Usually this would make us stay indoors but we had been gifted a day out for the boys by their Grandparents and I knew they would not want to miss it!
So we headed over to Epping for our pre booked family day out, to Epping and Ongar Railway. The longest heritage railway in Essex, it used to be part of the central line. A vintage routemaster bus picks up passengers from Epping tube station and takes them to North Weald Station where they can board a steam or diesel train and travel to either Epping or Coopersale. Of course I knew this would be right up the monkeys street, espeacially little monkey as he loves buses and trains so much. The trains and the bus can be used over and over on a day ticket. 

We have seen the bus waiting to pick up passengers outside Epping Tube station a few times in the past, so it was good to get on board and experience the heritage ride. The monkeys asked to sit downstairs and loved the vintage drive, with the traditional bus conductor. The journey to North weald didn't take long at all. A little wait in the station there for the steam train, meant we got to stand next to an open fire that was roaring away inside the ticket office. A warm welcome from the cold and wet outside. There was even a ladies only waiting room. The carriages took me back to my own childhood, traveling on the trains with my parents! 
At Ongar station there is a refreshments kiosk and gift shop and at Coppersale you cannot alight the train. There is no station or platforn there, just what would be a pleasant journey through Epping Forest, should it not be pouring down with rain like it was! 
I think you can see from the photo's that the monkeys loved their day out, and we shall definitely be paying a visit again, just when the weather is drier and warmer next time, so that we can take a picnic.
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Week 47, Project 365

Wow week 47, how did that happen? I'm finding taking a photo a day a struggle at the moment if I'm honest! I'm not giving up now though. This week has seen a fair few highs. The blog is ranking higher than ever and we've reached past the 5k mark on twitter. I've lost 3.74lb in a week and the monkeys have been happy and healthy! Little monkey had his flu immunisation at the surgery the other day. Oh and big monkey has been invited to his friends house for a sleepover! Here's our round up for days 320-326
Day 320. Two peas in a pod! New Lego Star Wars games as a treat. Left them like this with daddy when I left for work! 
Day 321. Spotted this Orla Kiely shopper in the supermarket and couldn't resist it.
Day 322. Getting a little festive!
Day 324. Healthy fresh orange juice and a banana for me with the little monkey on our trip into town! 
Day 325. Lovely floral decor at the Clarks SS15 press event I went to.
Day 325. My gorgeous family. 
Day 326. This photo sums up the weather today (wet), the chores and going round and round in circles running around getting things done before going off to work! 

How has everyones else's week been? Ready for Christmas yet?! 
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The great loss - update (Challenge week 1)

Just a quick post to update you on my challenge! Since I posted last and went to the gym last Thursday, I've been back there twice. I wanted to go there again today to work out but only managed to get weighed, as I've been to an event in London this afternoon! I'm ready and willing for my first spinning class tomorrow in ages though! 
Well, how have I done? I've not eaten any of the following foods this past week at all:-
Crisps, cheese, bread, pasta, chocolate, sweets, cake, biscuits or drank any alcohol or fizzy drinks. I've mainly eaten, fruit, healthy cereal, soup and stir fry's. I've not found it hard to cut out those 'forbidden foods' and have only had to reach deep for the willpower just once or twice. 
So today the scales said........I've lost 3.74lbs this week! A good start I'd say, and thank goodness too, all that healthy eating has paid off. My goal for next week is to lose 2lb. Stay tuned for next weeks update.


Mustela Expert Skincare

We were recently introduced to a skincare brand we had never heard of before - Mustela. The skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be since 1950. "Mustela offers a complete range of specially formulated skincare to best address the changes in the delicate skin of newborns, babies, children, mothers-to-be and new mothers.
Mustela is proud of its strong relationships with healthcare professionals to best provide safe and effective skincare for both you and your baby."
Obviously we no longer have babies but the monkeys have always tended to suffer with dry skin patches and in winter time I do too. So when we were asked if we would like to try some samples of course I was intrigued and agreed. 
Above is a selection of the Mustela products. Mr Monkey has been using the Stelatopia for dry skin/skin with atopic tendancy (Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics) on his face regularly since we got it. He suffers with red, dry skin patches either side of his nose, which often flairs up. The emollient has really helped to soothe his symptoms. 
The Dermo Cleansing soap free cleansing gel hair and bodywash (Mustela Bébé) is great on the monkeys skin in the bath. So far, even with the central heating on, their skin hasn't developed any dry skin patches.
The Physiobébé no-rinse cleansing fluid face and diaper area (Mustela Bébé) has been popular at bathtime too.
Why have we not heard of Mustela before I hear you say! It's only recently come to the UK!
The website offers a wealth of skin care tips and information. I love how they also do sun care products for babies and young children's skin. I'm going to look at getting some when we go off on our summer holiday next year! 
Why not take a look for yourself at the products and see for yourself what they do. There might be something for your little ones skin.

I was sent these samples in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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