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Project 365 - Week 27!


Day 179. The sun was hiding Sunday. The start of a hot week! 
Day 180. After shopping with a friend I dined outside in the garden for lunch.
Day 181. Little monkey took part in his Preschool sports day. 
Day 182. Cooling down at my friends pool. 
Day 183. Finally the Hydrangea flowers! 
Day 184. The monkeys have taken to bringing the guinea pigs indoors for snuggles in the mornings!
Day 185. Another scorcher despite a huge storm in the night. It's very muggy today.

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This week has been busy with little monkeys sports day, shopping trips, a girls night out for me and the usual work commitments. The next few weeks until the end of term look set to be even busier! 
Hope everyone has had a great week!



Future Plans For Our Home

Our home was first bought by hubby 16yrs ago. During that time it has changed a lot. In the last 9yrs we have replaced the windows, revamped the bathroom, updated the kitchen, had a conservatory built and had a loft conversion. As well as redecorated throughout! We'd like somewhere bigger but are thinking of extending the house some more instead of actually moving. We're looking into changing the conservatory for a single story extension and turning downstairs into a (largely) open plan family area. We'd love bi fold doors to the back with velux windows in the roof. A large kitchen/family room and at the front we would extend to create slightly more space in our current living room.

It's all in the thinking/planning process at the moment but I've already started to look at kitchen units, flooring etc. I'd like carpet in the lounge but in the family/kitchen area I'd go for something more easily cleaned, washable and hard wearing. In an ideal world I'd go for a real stone floor but the expense and the fact we have small children would put me off. In association with Carpet Right, a great alternative to stone flooring is this fab stone effect vinyl flooring. Tegola Urban Tiles 968 Grey Stone Luxury Vinyl Tile.
Grey Stone Luxury Vinyl Tile
Modern and so versatile I think this flooring would be ideal for us. At under £25 per square meter it's reasonably priced to include in our grand budget. I'm excited to see when and if we get the go ahead.
Vinyl Flooring Tile
"Modernise your property with sleek and sensible stone effect vinyl flooring, in neutral grey. The modern vinyl flooring is simple and sophisticated, providing the perfect grey stone finish to any home, for a monochrome feel.
The natural grey colour works in any room including your kitchen, thanks to its water resistance. A 12 year warranty gives additional peace of mind and proves this flooring is built to last.
Low maintenance and simple to fit, these robust luxury vinyl tiles can be used with underfloor heating and provide superb noise protection for bustling family homes. As with all Tegola vinyl flooring, these stone effect tiles comes in a range of options; just choose your favourite and buy online today".

We're going to have to look more at the idea, but we're hopeful the plans we have come to fruition and we can create a little bit more space for the monkeys and us without having to move home! We've done so much to this house we really don't want to leave it unless we have too! I shall let you know how we get on and whether our plans come alive.


Second Op For Little Monkey!

As some of you may know last Friday little monkey had another operation. On his ears again but this time to remove the grommets! One had granulation on it where skin was growing over it and the other grommet had got stuck in a large lump of wax. We were asked, like before to arrive at the hospital at 07.30 and were on the same ward as last time. The nurses even remembered him! As with last time he was treated with care, thought and attention to make the process as smooth and as stress free as possible.
Waiting for his op 
Being third on the list I was asked to escort him into theatre at around 09.00 leaving hubby waiting on the ward. At this point having been very brave little monkey did break down a little. He didn't want to be taken down to theatre on the bed so I walked with him in my arms. That moment he broke down was hard! For hubby and I! 
Happier playing
The team were so good with him and distracted him with Peppa Pig on the iPad whilst they inserted a cannula in his hand and then administered the anaesthetic. They warmed me when he would fall asleep on my lap so that between us we could safely transfer him to the bed. Then I was led back to the ward to wait. 
It's very surreal and unnerving when you pop downstairs whilst your little one is having a procedure, to see two firefighters in the building in their firefighting gear! I've no idea what had gone on but as quickly as we saw them they left! 
Almost time
Little monkey was away from us for about 30 minutes before a nurse bought him back from recovery asleep. He looked so peaceful cuddled up to his new cuddly dog. Much calmer than last year when he was disorientated and frightened on waking.
He was soon sat up in bed having a drink and being encouraged to eat. Only then could the play room that was beckoning him be used and only after he had seen the surgeon to talk us through the op, could he be discharged to go home.
Brave boy
Once again I'm amazed at his strength and the work the Doctors and Nurses do. Little monkey was a superstar and you'd never have known he'd had an op come the weekend. We were on our way back home by 12noon!


TOMY - John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor

Both monkeys have been known in their time to LOVE all things with wheels. Little monkey still does and tractors are no exception. He was recently sent a fabulous John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor from Tomy to play with during the recent half term. It's sure been put through it's paces! 
TOMY - John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor
The tractor was reasonably easy to unpackage as kids toys go. So many are so difficult to unbox with the multitude of safety and security features they have!
Luckily it didn't take long for little monkey to get his hands on the tractor. He found the little red button on the back of it very quickly, which in turn when pressed activates the sounds and shake feature. Very realistic sounds mean his new tractor sounds like his Uncles real one.
The huge monster tread wheels are fab, meaning it can be tipped back and balances, it can be pushed with ease on the grass in the garden and can be whizzed around indoors. He is thrilled with it. Tomy have a great range of other John Deere vehicles available on their website, this being our first I'm very impressed with it.
The John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor is aimed at children aged 3-8 years and comes complete with 3 x AAA batteries. The battery compartment is hidden under the bonnet of the tractor and despite being used lots we've yet to change them as they've lasted very well. It's priced at £19.99 which I think is great value for money as it will last the strength of time. 
It gets a huge thumbs up from both monkeys here! We've yet to find something we dislike about it. All pieces are still present and correct and he is still enjoying it daily. That speaks for itself! 

We were sent this toy from Tomy for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
We're going on an adventure


Dining At Beefeater Grill

Introducing the new delicious Summer Menu from Beefeater.
Just as the weather starts to get hot, Beefeater restaurants have introduced their new delicious menu for summer, packed full of family favourites as well as some scrumptious, innovative new dishes. 
We were recently invited along to enjoy a family meal to sample the new menu, so took the opportunity to eat at our nearest restaurant on Father's Day.
We had never eaten in this particular Beefeater Grill before and found it to be very pleasant. The waitress was very attentive and the food plentiful, with starters being served quickly so that the monkeys didn't have to wait too long for food.
The monkeys both enjoyed meals from the Kids Mr Men and Little Miss Kids menu. I had risotto and hubby had a burger.
Famous for steaks, Beefeater continues to offer a selection of the best cuts, cooked to sizzling perfection – including its 8oz '74 signature steak – and has added four new mouth-watering burgers to its range, including the mega 'Triple Stacked Burger', which is a must for any meat lover, incorporating a 1/4lb steak burger, slow-cooked pulled beef and beef rashers. Hubby enjoyed the
Double Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger!
Burger and Chips
Even if you're not a meat-lover, Beefeater is determined to satisfy everyone's tastes by offering a new fresh fish dish 'Salmon Fillet with a Herb Crust', served on a bed of kale with dauphinoise potatoes. There are also several new seasonal dishes, including a juicy Double Peri Peri Chicken and mouth-watering meaty salads. I loved my Char grilled Chicken & Woodland Mushroom Risotto, swapping the chicken for salmon. It was delicious.

As if the above were not enough, Beefeater is now offering 'Unlimited Chips' with any meal – meaning that even the hungriest of eaters are satisfied! 

The Mr Men and Little Miss menu offers great value for money with a varied nutritional meal choice for children. They can choose from 1 to 3 courses which now come with a free drink. Little monkey cleared his bowl of Mr Messy's Spaghetti Bolognese.
Kids Spaghetti Bolognese
Being that bit older big monkey enjoyed a children's roast chicken dinner.  
Kids Roast Dinner
For those that have a sweet tooth, Beefeater has a range of new lip-smacking puddings to meet your craving: a gooey 'Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding', a crumbly 'Vanilla Baked Cheesecake with Raspberry Compote' and a tempting 'Eton Mess Sundae', perfect for the summer months. Both the monkeys enjoyed the kids Ice Cream Sundae's with chocolate sauce. Hubby had the Rocky Road Sundae and naughty me had the Chocolate & Honeycomb Sundae.
Ice Cream Sundae
Beefeater is a British brand that first fired up the grill in 1974 and now has over 140 restaurants nationwide. 

We didn't have to wait too long at all for any of our food even though being Father's Day it was busy. Our food was cooked fresh in the kitchen we could see close to where we were sitting. 

Why not take a look online to find your nearest restaurant and take a look at the menu! 
We'll be going again! Thanks Beefeater Grill. 

We were sent vouchers to cover the bill in return for this post.



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