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Relaxing at the spa
Cream Tea for Two
Making his own sandwich
In the pink
Mother and son
Furry friends

Day 207. And relax! Escaped the awful rain (and the monkeys!) for a girlie overnight stay at the Spa! Lovely.
Day 208. Cream tea for two, my friend and I had a much needed break and are now ready to go home! 
Day 209. Little monkey decided he wanted to make his own sandwich by himself! 
Day 210. Both monkeys actually played nicely with their toys for a change and the hexbugs were bought out! 
Day 211. In the Pink! Lush colour :)
Day 212. A rare photo with big monkey who usually shys away or pulls faces! 
Day 213. No week is complete without our furry friends! 

First full week of the school holidays done and it's been a good one! Not least because of the relaxed start! Next week big monkey is playing football everyday so it's just me and the monster (I mean little monkey!) Hope it's been a good week for you! 


Toys from House of Fraser

We're soon having a family holiday so have been looking for family games we can take for everyone to play! We're also looking at travel sized games the monkeys can play, that are small, lightweight and easy to store. House of Fraser do a great range of toys including family games and some travel games too so we've been having a little test prior to our travels! 
Selection of Toys from House of Fraser
How cool to get all this for £30 in the House of Fraser Sale! Perfect, just what we were looking for.
Traditional Ludo with a popular current twist, Disney Frozen Ludo is for age 4+ and for 2-4 players.
Snakes and Ladders
Our Snakes and Ladders got damaged so a replacement was needed and this Disney Frozen version is just the ticket. Again aimed at age 4+, this means little monkey can play! For 2-4 players it's perfect for us!
Connect 4
We love the full sized version of Connect 4, so this travel version will be ideal on holiday for killing time whilst the monkeys wait for the adults to get ready. Although for age 6+ little monkey loves it! This ones for 2 players.
Guess Who
Another favourite here, this is a relatively new game to the monkeys but they love it. As with Connect 4 it's for age 6+ and for 2 players.
Entirely new to the monkeys Simon is one I remember as a child. Electronic with sounds it's for age 8+. It came already fitted with batteries. Big monkey is trying to perfect his observation and memory skills! He is better than me!
Playing Sankes and Ladders
We're trying to stop big monkey from cheating when playing family board games and to teach little monkey it's OK not to win! Fun is had though playing Snakes and Ladders. The monkeys love it when the adults have to slide down the snakes! This version is well made and compact. The board comes folded in four.
Playing Ludo
Again, the Ludo board comes folded in four and with extensive play instructions. The monkeys had never played this before but soon grasped how it works.
Playing Simon
Big monkey is really enjoying trying to beat Simon! I have no hope! My skills are poor. This is definitely coming away with us, as it's ideal for the car journey or quiet times. 

The travel sized Connect 4 and Guess Who are both great and just smaller versions of the regular ones. We've played but forgot the photo's! There lots of competitiveness in this house that's for sure! 

I'm delighted House of Fraser gifted these games to us for this post, meaning we now have a great selection to take away with us. They do a far great range of toys which you can see here!
Which is your favourite family board game? 


June Degustabox

Our June Degustabox arrived and has not disappointed. Full of scummy picnic food, we were keen to see what was inside as we planned a picnic for the next Saturday! Here's a quick look at what we got.
  1. Product of the month. Rekorderlig....Strawberry Lime Cider, available in packs of four at £1.49 a bottle.
  2. Love Chin Chin £1 a pack. A sweet snack popular in West Africa.
  3. Coconom Organic Coconut Sugar. Completely natural alternative to sugar. £3.25 a pack.
  4. Icycl. Delicious frozen Vodka icepops. £2.50 each.
  5. Melba Thins. Multigrain, now available in Tesco! £1.39 a box.
  6. Zeo Lightly Carbonated soft drinks. £1.29.
  7. Brioche Pasquier Pitch Chocolate 6 pack and Chocolate Chip 4 pack. £1.70
  8. Kallo Wholegrain Rice and Corn Cakes. £1.69 for the rice cake thins and 70p for the snacks.
  9. Vybe Juice. 100% Natural Coconut Water. £1.89.
We love the Pitch brioche, especially the monkeys! The Melba Thins were popular with them too and hubby has devoured the Kallo rice cake thins! He quickly drank the Zeo drinks too! I'm loving the recipe for Triple Chocolate Flourless Brownies sent in our box and am really wanting to try them with the coconut sugar. 

You can use the code P9609 to get £3 off the registration cost when signing up to Degustabox. 


Thinking further about making more home improvements!

This is a sponsored post.

As I've previously mentioned we are thinking of making more home improvements instead of moving and will need to think about how we are going to fund those improvements! However we do that, we are certain it will work out cheaper than the cost of moving house.

According to a 2014 survey by Lloyds Bank*, 40 per cent of people undertake renovations to improve the look of their home, while 33 per cent do it to add value. In all honesty we shall be doing it for both of those reasons!  
Our first port of call will no doubt be our mortgage provider which of course will mean credit checks and more checks but needs must if we want to go forward with our plans.
It won't be the first time we've borrowed to make big home improvements. We did so for our loft conversion a few years ago, so we know what to expect.
You too can learn more about your credit rating online. Keep your fingers crossed we can get this project running! I let you know how our plans move forward.

*Data taken from Experian blog.


Furchester Hotel Magazine is Launched

Both monkeys love kids magazines, especially little monkey! He loves them all, so was delighted to see there is a new magazine hitting the shelf's right now! The Furchester Hotel Magazine is aimed at children aged 3-6 years (core age is 4 year olds). 
We've been taking a look at this new magazine before it's launch and are looking forward to making the portraits together very soon!
The front cover of the new magazine is bright, colourful and of course fun. It comes with the kit to make your own portraits and the magazine includes 60 monster stickers!
As with other Cbeebies publications it supports the Early Years Curriculum. Priced at Just £2.75 its very reasonably priced. Inside the cover there is space to sign in as a guest of the hotel and draw a picture of yourself! I know little monkey will love this! He'll want to 'take' his cuddly toy dogs too!
Pages to colour and make bright again, this one will most likely been done by big monkey. He is the colouring king of this house! 
Page 16 supports the free gift on the front of the magazine to make your own portraits. They should be fun to do. There are reader offers and this issues is a voucher for 'kids go free' at Sea Life!
Elmo has his own page and this can be cut out to make a poster for any fan.
There are puzzles, two stories and much more. The next issue comes with a free holiday play set. Little monkey loves this magazine and I know he'll love further issues too! Available at all good newsagents and supermarkets now. Enjoy!


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