Spring/Summer Wear for Boys!

I've written before about my love for shopping and buying clothes for the monkeys. They have lots of clothes really, especially the youngest (as lots of his were his brothers), but the time has come to think about getting some Spring/Summer bits for them both and big monkey is growing at a rate of nots! 

Of course a lot of their time is spent wearing their school uniform but I'm still finding they need the odd bits. Big monkey is getting too tall for lots of his trousers and jeans and both need nice tops to wear when going out. They like to look smart from time to time but prefer Boys polo shirts to anything too dressy. As I've mentioned before I do like them to dress in the odd bit of clothing that matches one and others. I think they look super cool wearing the same but now of course, big monkey is coming up for 9 years old, so I think I'll not get away with that for too much longer! 
How super do they look in their matching tops here?

We have a holiday planned for the summer, so shorts will need to be bought and polo shirts are a great look with shorts. Later in the year we should have a Wedding to go too. This means the monkeys WILL need to be dressed smartly and I'm thinking Boys white shirt, Navy chino's and a nice blazer each! I can see the look in my minds eye and think they will look super cool and very handsome! 
Photo credit: Mayoral
Maybe a nice pair of tan brogues will go nicely too? What do you think? I'm loving my choices for a Wedding outfit above!
I'm open to idea's really and hope we get a set date for the Wedding through soon, so that I can start shopping! 

They are fairly easy to buy for and generally happy to either wear what I get for them or chose their own bits. This is especially so for big monkey who is taking more notice of what his friends are wearing and taking more pride in how he looks! They've both made their own choice of what to wear (from the choice they have in their wardrobes) since a very young age and to be honest, both have a good sense of style.

Right, I'm off to check their wardrobes to see exactly what they do need for Spring and Summer! I think shopping for them is just the thing I need to cheer up an otherwise dreary day!

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Easter Getaways!

Eek, we've already had our February half term holidays here (after a very short first half of the Spring term. This means that despite Easter being in the middle of April, our Easter school holiday is only around 6 weeks away! I've been looking at Easter getaways (as hubby and I are taking some time off with the monkeys).

We're hoping to get away for just a few days which of course means researching and looking for deals and bargains.

We could look at Euro Disney, a short family cruise somewhere not too far away https://www.promocodesfor.co.uk/fred-olsen-cruises, a UK City break or something else! 

With limited funds (despite deals and discounts) I think, this Easter, Euro Disney is sadly out. I'd love to take the monkeys but I think it needs planning much further in advance (and to be honest we all need passports. They cost a fortune!)

Friends of ours are taking a cruise on the Norwegian Fjords. Not until the Whitsun holiday though, so I'm hoping to hear all about their trip on their return and think we'll look at the option for ourselves another time. None of us have ever been on a cruise, so we're excited to hear all about it. Meaning a UK City break looks like the best choice for us this time around.
Photo Credit: fredolsencruises.com
We've taken the boys to London a few times, but not yet stayed there with them. There's so much we would still like yo do with them there, so London is top of the list. They've not yet been to any of the Museums, or some of the major attractions like the Tower of London. It's on the list of things to do.
Alternatively we're looking at taking them to Cadbury World in Birmingham. It's nearer to family than we are now, so we'll probably tie the trip in with a visit to them and get a cheap night away too. 

Always deals to be had, you just have to search for them! The cheaper family friendly hotels are ideal for us and the monkeys get so excited to all be sharing one room. Of course they see it as an opportunity to stay up late, watch TV and have fun, whilst we try in vain to settle them. 

I'm busy looking now, and think we'll definitely go with the UK City option. I'm keen to see my new niece again as soon as possible, so am hoping her mummy will meet us somewhere near there, in the Midlands.

Before we know it, the Easter Holidays will just be a distant memory but I'd like them to be full of great experiences, whilst of course making savings where we can!

Are you planning any Easter getaways? Do tell us where! We're always looking for great idea's and personal recommendations. 

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Mother's Day Gift Idea's

Before we can celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday March 26th it's hubby's birthday. I've a surprise up my sleeve for him and then I shall enjoy Mother's Day with my monkeys. I've booked the day off work as I know they would have been disappointed had I not been there when they wake. 

All I want myself on Mother's Day is to speak to or see my own Mum and to spend some quality family time with the monkeys. 

Despite what they might think, I'm not one for grand gestures. Tea in bed and some spring flowers will do me nicely. However I know others like to make big gestures and really go to town with gifts. Of course, they are lovely but really not necessary.

The shops and online stores make a big deal of such occasions, which is great but do they really need to? Surely a box of chocolates or flowers are perfect gifts to say 'Thanks Mum'.

If not then what? Personally, a bunch of daffodils would be perfect but people like to treat their Mums.

Large online stores are great places to look and the likes of stores such as Boots or Argos also often have promotion codes to help the budget stretch that little bit further www.discountpromocodes.co.uk/argos I love this Willow Tree Mother & Son Figurine. 
Photo credit:Argos
Jewellery is another lovely gift to give Mum. Hubby got me a Pandora bracelet, so often on special occasions he or the monkeys get me a charm. Of course they can be 'personalised' to suit the person getting them. Each of mine means something special to me.
Flowers of course are the perfect Mother's Day gift. With it falling in Spring, there are many spring flowers to choose from. Tulips are great flowers to say 'thank you'.
I doubt I will see my own Mum as she and my Dad will be cruising on their Narrow boat. We may go and find them and enjoy a Sunday Roast Dinner together, otherwise I shall be searching online for a small gift to send her. I may even give her money towards afternoon tea, or send my dad some money to buy her flowers. I always send her a card.

I'm just looking forward to a day off with my family. The monkeys will excitedly run into our room at some un-Godly hour and jump on our bed with cards they have made at school or bought with Daddy. Seeing their excited faces is such a lovely gift. 

What will you be doing this Mother's Day? Will you be shopping and buying Mum something special? Or is Mother's Day just another day?
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PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver - One Wash Challenge!

A few weeks ago my hairdresser (also a very good friend) and I were out shopping. She suddenly said she thought my bleached blonde hair could do with being toned with this shampoo she knew of, but had forgotten the name of! We then found it on the supermarket shelf but didn't buy it. Whilst I was with her I got an email notification, which I glanced at but didn't read until I got home. It was from the PR for PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver, the exact same shampoo my hairdresser had recommended! How spooky is that!!
I was asked if I would take the One wash challenge! How could I resist after this.

"PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver is an expertly created range specifically for blonde, platinum, white and grey hair. The range enhances hair colour and ensures best toned results with a unique active violet pigment that neutralises yellowing, brassiness and dullness.

PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver provides the ultimate colour care for natural, dyed and highlighted hair offering visibly brighter hair in just one wash!"

Having only recently had my hair bleached and cut and despite my hairdresser herself having recommended the shampoo to tone it down a bit, I was nervous of taking the challenge. I can't explain why exactly, but it took a few days for me to muster the courage to use the kit. I needn't have worried. It was fine!

The photo's below were taken after my hair was bleached and cut but before the one wash challenge.
Here's how to take the challenge! 

Step 1: Prime the hair by spritzing a little Pre-toning Treatment Primer onto wet hair. It works by smoothing the cuticles, locking in shine and protecting dry or damaged hair.

Step 2: Say goodbye to brassiness! Immediately wash the hair in the iconic purple Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo which contains active violet pigments to create a cool ashy hue and neutralise brassiness.

Step 3: Finish with the Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner, which nourishes parched hair and leaves locks that radiate shine!

Here are the results! 
I'm pretty sure there's a difference. My hair is certainly softer and I'm sure it's not as yellow! The smell of the kit is lush! I was quite shocked at the colour of the shampoo, though I'm not sure why! I mean, I've had purple hair before.
I will be using it again. Recommended use is 1-2 times a week. For a more intense transformation you can leave the shampoo on for 15-20 minutes. Maybe next time I'll be braver and try that! 
I really like this range and would recommend it. Available from most supermarkets and larger Boots stores. The shampoo and conditioner has a RRP of £3.19 each.

Do you think there's a difference in the colour?

I was sent the kit for the purpose of this post. 



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