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Mother's Day Gift Idea's

Before we can celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday March 26th it's hubby's birthday. I've a surprise up my sleeve for him and then I shall enjoy Mother's Day with my monkeys. I've booked the day off work as I know they would have been disappointed had I not been there when they wake. 

All I want myself on Mother's Day is to speak to or see my own Mum and to spend some quality family time with the monkeys. 

Despite what they might think, I'm not one for grand gestures. Tea in bed and some spring flowers will do me nicely. However I know others like to make big gestures and really go to town with gifts. Of course, they are lovely but really not necessary.

The shops and online stores make a big deal of such occasions, which is great but do they really need to? Surely a box of chocolates or flowers are perfect gifts to say 'Thanks Mum'.

If not then what? Personally, a bunch of daffodils would be perfect but people like to treat their Mums.

Large online stores are great places to look and the likes of stores such as Boots or Argos also often have promotion codes to help the budget stretch that little bit further www.discountpromocodes.co.uk/argos I love this Willow Tree Mother & Son Figurine. 
Photo credit:Argos
Jewellery is another lovely gift to give Mum. Hubby got me a Pandora bracelet, so often on special occasions he or the monkeys get me a charm. Of course they can be 'personalised' to suit the person getting them. Each of mine means something special to me.
Flowers of course are the perfect Mother's Day gift. With it falling in Spring, there are many spring flowers to choose from. Tulips are great flowers to say 'thank you'.
I doubt I will see my own Mum as she and my Dad will be cruising on their Narrow boat. We may go and find them and enjoy a Sunday Roast Dinner together, otherwise I shall be searching online for a small gift to send her. I may even give her money towards afternoon tea, or send my dad some money to buy her flowers. I always send her a card.

I'm just looking forward to a day off with my family. The monkeys will excitedly run into our room at some un-Godly hour and jump on our bed with cards they have made at school or bought with Daddy. Seeing their excited faces is such a lovely gift. 

What will you be doing this Mother's Day? Will you be shopping and buying Mum something special? Or is Mother's Day just another day?
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PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver - One Wash Challenge!

A few weeks ago my hairdresser (also a very good friend) and I were out shopping. She suddenly said she thought my bleached blonde hair could do with being toned with this shampoo she knew of, but had forgotten the name of! We then found it on the supermarket shelf but didn't buy it. Whilst I was with her I got an email notification, which I glanced at but didn't read until I got home. It was from the PR for PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver, the exact same shampoo my hairdresser had recommended! How spooky is that!!
I was asked if I would take the One wash challenge! How could I resist after this.

"PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver is an expertly created range specifically for blonde, platinum, white and grey hair. The range enhances hair colour and ensures best toned results with a unique active violet pigment that neutralises yellowing, brassiness and dullness.

PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver provides the ultimate colour care for natural, dyed and highlighted hair offering visibly brighter hair in just one wash!"

Having only recently had my hair bleached and cut and despite my hairdresser herself having recommended the shampoo to tone it down a bit, I was nervous of taking the challenge. I can't explain why exactly, but it took a few days for me to muster the courage to use the kit. I needn't have worried. It was fine!

The photo's below were taken after my hair was bleached and cut but before the one wash challenge.
Here's how to take the challenge! 

Step 1: Prime the hair by spritzing a little Pre-toning Treatment Primer onto wet hair. It works by smoothing the cuticles, locking in shine and protecting dry or damaged hair.

Step 2: Say goodbye to brassiness! Immediately wash the hair in the iconic purple Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo which contains active violet pigments to create a cool ashy hue and neutralise brassiness.

Step 3: Finish with the Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner, which nourishes parched hair and leaves locks that radiate shine!

Here are the results! 
I'm pretty sure there's a difference. My hair is certainly softer and I'm sure it's not as yellow! The smell of the kit is lush! I was quite shocked at the colour of the shampoo, though I'm not sure why! I mean, I've had purple hair before.
I will be using it again. Recommended use is 1-2 times a week. For a more intense transformation you can leave the shampoo on for 15-20 minutes. Maybe next time I'll be braver and try that! 
I really like this range and would recommend it. Available from most supermarkets and larger Boots stores. The shampoo and conditioner has a RRP of £3.19 each.

Do you think there's a difference in the colour?

I was sent the kit for the purpose of this post. 



Six! Now he is Six!

Well, I'm struggling to get to grips with the fact my baby is now six! In a few months time I'll also have a nine year old. It's like they were never even babies! The time has just flown by so quickly! Still, we've had a great time helping little monkey celebrate. I mean it's not every day you are six is it! 
A few days before his birthday we had Nanny and Grandad, Uncle and Auntie and his new baby cousin down to stay. We got a takeaway in the evening they arrived and went out for a Sunday roast the following lunch time. Followed by a birthday cake back home, so we could sing Happy Birthday to him! Just a small supermarket cake this time.
Tuesday, his actual birthday little monkey was actually at school all day but afterwards we took him and some of his friends to the local ten pin bowling alley. The kids played a game of bowling and then they ate there. A colleague made some Chelsea cupcakes for me, so again we sang Happy Birthday to little monkey. He loved his 'party' and a great time was had by all! 
That's not all though. I'd managed to get tickets for the four of us to do a Stadium Tour of Stamford Bridge, so yesterday we made our way to Fulham Broadway and had such a great time at the Chelsea Football Stadium! The tour was great and the museum too. Little monkey loved everything about it. He even took his birthday money into the Megstore to buy himself another kit and a few other football bits. 
Before coming home we had a late lunch at Byron Burger. Another first for both monkeys.
As much as I'm amazed at how quickly the years have gone, I'm super proud of both the monkeys and how they are turning into fine young boys. Now, we are set for the remainder of the school year, little monkeys first 'lost' tooth, his first big school outing and much more!
We love you son and hope your sixth birthday celebrations were everything you wanted them to be.


Little Live Pets Hatching Surprise Chick!

Little monkey is very keen on animals and loves his pet guinea pigs, although the love for them he had in the beginning has worn off slightly! He no longer wants to pet them every day or even feed them! Poor Daddy gets to do all that and clean them out! Little monkey would love more pets but for now, he'll need to be content with the toy pets he has! These include the new Little Live Pets Surprise Chick
Little Live Pets look, act and sound real! New, in time for Easter are the Surprise Chicks. They tap and chirp inside their egg and hatch, then hop about. For ages 5+ they are adorable and ideal as 'pets' for little ones to help hatch and nurture. Priced at just £14.99 there's a Limited Edition Golden Chick to look out for too! Each chick can be hatched over and over again!
We've been having a play. The egg and chick come fully packaged, and on opening the packaging you need to remove the tab from underneath the egg. Also remove the packing lock by turning it 90 degrees and pulling. Lastly remove the tape which is securing the egg shut. The chick does come with an instruction booklet! 

Here's a very short reveal video we did! I'm sure we have the Golden Limited Edition Chick! Eek! Excuse the video, they say you should never work with children and animals! 
There are 4 different chicks available (lilac, pink, blue and white) plus the Limited Edition Gold one! This is the one we have!
We placed our egg on the floor and waited to see what happens. Little monkey could hear the chick tap but couldn't wait for the egg to open and helped it to 'crack'. Luckily as mentioned above, this process can be done over and over! As you can see we have a yellow (golden) chick which is very cute! It's beak moves as it chirps and it moves and hops around out of it's shell. 
It has lovely detailed wings and is the perfect size for small hands to pick up. There is an on/off switch at the bottom of its tummy. The chick has a petting sensor on top of it's head and a 'hidden' battery compartment on it's back. He/she requires 3 button cell batteries which are included for demonstration.
Very cute, it interacts with it's fellow chicks if you have more than one! Free play is encouraged but the chick will go to sleep after 20 minutes if not played with. It will chirp and tweet a tune when petted. The more it's petted the more it tweets!

We think it's very good and love that you can pop it back into it's egg and start the hatching process over again. We've not encoured any problems and despite being quite small, it seems robust! New Little Live Pets are coming out all the time, with these chicks being a perfect Spring gift this Easter. More pets are due out later this year. The new Little Live Hedgehogs are out now too!

Why not take a look at the Little Live Pets takeover on UKMums.tv on 20th February! We LOVE our Limited Edition Gold Chick! 

We were sent this toy for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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