It fits!

Well what a week it's been! I tried pole dancing and loved it, and I've lost another 3lb. I'm delighted to report I've now lost a total of 37lb.
Last night I tried the swimming costume on that I recently bought to wear tonight and was pleased to see it fits and feels comfy.
I've always tended to steer clear of any swim wear and if I've absolutely needed to wear a cosie I've always gone for plain black, so this new suit is a welcome change! 
Going back to the Pole fitness class, all I can say is WOW! You sure do get a work out. Come the weekend I could barely move my arms. It was a taster seesion to see if I would like it and now I'm looking to do an eight week course - it was that much fun.
With the Easter holidays fast approching hitting the gym will be that march harder but infact I'm dressed ready to go today. 
I will fit my classes around the monkeys and hubby for the next few weeks as I've still got some pounds to go before I hit the weight I want to be.
That's it for now, but do keep reading and following my journey!


Trunki PaddlePak - Review

Just the other day big monkey went to a friends swimming party. I have always loved the look of the Trunki paddlepaks so the party was the ideal time to try out the Chuckes the clown fish paddlepaks we've been reviewing. Kindly sent to us by by Swimshop, a leading retailer of swimming suits and swimming accessories. They sent one for each of the monkeys, so neither felt left out.
"The PaddlePak is a water resistant backpack that's perfect for fun-filled days out and trips to the pool or beach. Made from lightweight and durable material, it's designed to stop wet stuff getting in, or leaking out! Recommended for ages 2+" I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many features the paddlepak has and it's capacity too! It holds more than you would think! 
  • Spacious 7.5 litre capacity  
  • Break-away safety buckle  
  • Reflective trim/high visibility reflective straps  
  • Dry zip pocket  
  • 'Trunki Grip' for sunglasses or goggles  
  • High quality water-resistant fabric  
  • Adjustable shoulder straps  
  • Hanging loop Roll top closure  
  • Padded mesh back
For the swimming party I packed inside the paddlepak (with lots of room to spare) a towel, swimming trunks and arm bands. Plus a water bottle (not pictured). The paddlepak was not at all too heavy for big monkey and was very easy to use and wear. He easily stowed away his clothes inside whilst swimming. The pak fitted inside the lockers well.
Of course little monkey couldn't be left out of using his, so when he went to spend time with friends during the party I packed him off with his too! 
Both monkeys were very quick to notice the 'purse' on the clown fish's tail and little monkeys eyes lit up at the prospect of having 'real coins' to put inside. He is obsessed with £1 coins you see.
Both monkeys were happy using their paddlepaks and they will make ideal backpacks to take away with us on holiday later in the year. We've lots of trips to the beach plannned! 

We love
That the straps are fully adjustable (with a maximum length of 50cm) and it's deceptive size. That it's water resistant so wet swimming clothes don't ruin it - it’s made from a treated fabric that doesn’t absorb water. It's got a padded back for extra comfort when the monkeys were wearing them. We particialrly like the reflective straps and the bright colour of the paks. The 'Trunki Grip' would have been ideal for big monkeys swimming goggles had I remembered to pack them! The dry zip pocket on the tail and internal pocket for change and other small items, but mostly the fun element of it whilst being very useful and safety concious! We'll easily spot the paddle paks on the beach won't we.
We dislike 
Nothing except that they don't do them for adults! I'd love one. 
We were sent these paddlepaks for the purpose or the review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


Schleich Mini Dino's - New for 2015

We've recently been playing with the new mini dinosaurs from Schleich.
"Toymaker Schleich goes hand in hand with the best of imaginative play, and never more so than with the beautifully crafted animal and fantasy figures that has made Schleich toys a favourite for generations".
"New this year is a collection from Schleich that will entice and delight the many fans of dinosaurs amongst us as well appeal to the pocket money price that little ones can afford". We were sent six of the prehistoric mini dino's which little monkey has been playing with.
They are very robust, very well made and there is fabulous attention to detail. He has enjoyed playing with them in the garden and indoors alike.
"These mini figures are ideal for your little one to start their prized pre-historic assembly with. At just £2.99 they make a perfect instant treat but in no way lack the detail and quality of the originals. All the favourite creatures are there to choose from including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus and the fearsome Veloceraptor.

They won’t chip or fade making them pass-me-down classics for friends and families". I have to agree. They are great 'pocket money' toys for little ones and ideal dinosaurs to add to any dinosaur collection. I'm thinking of adding to our Schleich collection now, with more dino's and their farm animals too.

Right, we're off to get more creative with our pre-historic figures! Roar!

We were sent these mini dino's for the purpose of this post. 



The lovely Lucy from Capture by Lucy has instigated a fab project this Spring. Whereby those that sign up, pledge to surprise the person they are partnered with a surprise gift. I thought this was a lovely idea to help brighten someone's day and did not hesitate to sign up and join in. It's lovely getting a surprise in the post isn't it, but also great to surprise someone else too.
I was keen to get my gift off to it's recipient as soon as possible and really enjoyed putting her gift together. I'd been emailed by Lucy to give me details of who the person was and what they liked and disliked, so armed with the imformation I set to work. Here is what I came up with.
There was a gardening book and seeds to plant as she loves gardening, Crochet hooks being keen to crochet. Chocolate because lets face it, everyone needs chocolate, tea's to sip and relax with and a little note book for putting her gardening and crochet idea's onto paper. I have it on good authority that she loved her gift.
Now, onto my gift, which arrived a few days ago. All I can say is WOW! It came form the smae person I sent mine to and boy did she do a great job of putting the most amazing surprise gift together for me. I love Cath Kidston type things, trinkets, home made things and Kim made me some really awesome stuff! 
I was so excited to open my parcel and was delighted when I did so. Look at all that! Much of it made by Kim herself.
This Keyring is so cute. I love it! How clever is that.
These home made coasters are so 'sunny' and ideal for Springtime. Made by Kim too.
My card is lovely, as too are these beautifully scented hanging birds which I'll be hanging in my wardrobe to make my clothes smell of Lavender. So pretty.
This beauty bag is devine. It's lined with green and white spotty material and is so fab. Kim is obviously very clever. I love it.
I love my new mug and the Chocolate Eggs are going dwon well with the monkeys! There's tea too!
I'm always using lip palm, so again these are perfect for me! I'm indebted to Kim. Her parcel really did make my day and I'm thrilled I took part in such a fab #SpringtimeSurpriseProject. Thanks so much Kim and Lucy for organising.


Week 12 #Project365 Round Up

Day 74. Mother's Day and I was thoroughly spoiled! We had a lovely day, with brunch out too.
Day75. Happy Birthday to hubby! He and I had some child free time to drink coffee, shop and relax! 
Day 76. A wet and gloomy day so I took this to brighten it up.
Day 77. My cheeky little monkey will not smile to order for the camera. 
Day 78. Little monkey decided he was most comfy sitting like this right in front of the TV!
Day 79. No eclipse for us sadly as there was complete cloud cover until the afternoon (typically), so I took this photo to cheer me up. 
Day 80. Freezing cold whilst watching big monkey play football this morning but at least there was a park right there to keep this little monkey busy! 

It's been a great week all round what with Mother's Day, Hubbies Birthday, me hitting the 2st 7lb weight loss mark and hitting the top 100 of the Tots100 chart! Oh and I tried Pole Fitness last night, which was great. Big monkeys team also won their matches today. Let's hope next week is a good one too! As usual we are linking up with TheBoyandMe.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


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