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This time last year we reviewed Dobble Kids from Esdeviumgames.
Now, as a Board Game Club Blogger with PlaytimePR we're taking a look at Dobble - suitable from age 6+
Like Dobble Kids this is for all the family. A fast paced, frantic card game, which can be played anywhere (we're taking it on holiday again) and by up to 8 players. Available at £12.99, it's a game that can be played over and over. The cards won't get lost either if kept in their handy circular tin. 
There are 55 unique cards that feature 8 symbols in various sizes on each, only one symbol in common between each card, or even any other card in the deck! 
5 mini games within each tin of Dobble can be played, with players racing to match a a pair of symbols, depending on which game is being played.
Little monkey can easily join in (and is very good at spotting the matching symbols too). We know the friends that are joining us, will love playing this game with us....the weather is set to be quite changeable, so I'm sure Dobble will help to keep the children entertained when we need it too! 


Lees Of Scotland - Deserts

Who doesn't love a little food treat from time to time? The good people of Lees of Scotland sure do and they've sent us a selection of fab treats to sample.
We have a tub of 18 bite sized Snowballs - these are 50 calories per snowball. Meringue nests, perfect for adding some fruit and cream to! They are 53 calories per nest. Meringue shells, just 19 calories per shell and new almond flavour Maccaringues, which are gluten and nut free and ready to fill. Just 9 calories each! The Maccaringues are available in Tesco and Morrison stores nationwide and for £2.99.
For testing purposes (I hasten to add) I've sampled the above with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I can safely say, without doubt they are truly scrumptious! Ideal to add to afternoon tea or as a teatime treat, they are easy to prepare and so delicious.
I have a real sweet tooth, hubby less so.....but these are right up my street! What would you eat them with?

Thanks Lees of Scotland! 



DespicableMe3 Arthur Price Cutlery & Breakfast Set - Review

We've gone Despicable Me 3 crazy in this house! Well, to be honest, we've always been fans of the movies here and of the fab minions and now little monkey has a great cutlery and matching breakfast set
The Arthur Price sets comprise of Sea of Minions China Plate, Bowl and Mug and a 4 Piece Cutlery Set - Knife, Fork, Spoon and Teaspoon. The cutlery set is made from Stainless Steel and is the perfect shape and size for children over 3 years of age. Little monkey is 6 and has not stopped using the cutlery since he got it. The knife says on it "I don't Share". The spoon, "One in a Minion". Fork, "Powered by" and the teaspoon, "bummock"! Hand wash only is recommended.
The Breakfast set is dishwasher safe and again little monkey chooses to use it every day! He drinks from the mug, uses the bowl at breakfast and the plate at teatime! 
We're delighted with these sets from Arthur Price, established in 1902. They arrived in great packaging and have withstood daily use from a boisterous child for a few weeks now. I can see little monkey using it all over and over! Each set above costs £24.99. Both would make lovely gifts. Thank you Arthur Price!

You can see other Arthur Price products on twitter, facebook and on instagram.



How Much?!

When having a child (or even trying for a child) you don't really stop to think of the cost of raising one do you? I know I didn't. I 'just wanted a baby'. Of course most people know they don't come cheap but just how much does having a baby cost? 

The lovely people from Busy Bees Child Care www.busybeeschildcare.co.uk/nursery/kettering have devised a great piece on how much the average baby costs families in it's first year! Obviously things need taking into consideration. For example a second baby may cost less than a first child as generally parents have some baby things from the first born. Whether you breast or bottle feed, use reusable nappies or disposable nappies etc will impact on the cost of course too.
Our niece is almost 8 months now. It would be interesting to hear what her parents think of the above information. I know having two boys has saved us a lot of money! Our poor youngest hasn't generally had the new things that his older sibling had new though....
Would you ever really want to tot the total money it's cost, up though! I think I'd rather not know!
What I do know is others have spent far more than us, and some much less. We've managed 9yrs without paying for childcare and have of course used things for our first born with out youngest. I then sold everything when it was no longer needed. Our niece will be an only child. I think her parents are just enjoying having her and spoiling her (when they can).

Are you shocked at the cost/ Do you know how much you spent in the first year?

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