Weekly Round Up #365 - Number 43

It's now half term, which meant a four day week for big monkey this past week. Nothing exordinary has happened but it's been a good week in all. Take a look at our week 43 round up to see photo's for days 292-298
Day 292. Yummy dinner from a local eatery we went to with the monkeys and in-laws.
Day 293. Big monkey's Lego head is full to the brim. Does he play with it all? Barely! 
Day 294. Not the best photo, and it faded fast! There was a double rainbow! 
Day 295. Inhis element in one of his favouite pink cars at soft play.
Day 296. Using his brothers 'old' scooter and getting to crips with it.
Day 297. Sadly a very grainy photo of a beaultiful evening sky. I must use my SLR camera more! 
Day 298. Much needed snack and hot cuppa after a morning watching big monkey play football in the chilly autumn sunshine!

A few poor quality photo's this week and a few more boring subjects but to be honest I've struggled! Big monkey is adverse to having his photo taken much of the time and the novelty has worn off on little monkey. I promise to try harder next week! 
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Helping the monkeys to be happy and healthy - Healthy Eating

Having a husband who is in the health and fitness industry it’s very important to us that the monkeys are happy and healthy. One of the most challenging aspects of keeping them healthy is getting them to eat fruit and vegetables and have a balanced healthy diet. Now in year two the eldest will eat some veg and tries others, he also eats a lot of fruit but our youngest eats a very limited amount and no where near the recommended five a day! Trying fruit with his friends at Preschool at snack time is helping though. One eats a varied array of different meals and the other a far more limited diet. I think worrying about their eating habits and making an issue out of it makes things worse though. Cutting fruit and raw veg into small pieces and leaving them on a plate is a great way to encourage kids to try and eat healthy foods. We also try and hide veg in family meals like Spaghetti Bolognese.
This is one of our favourite meals to eat as a family as it incorporates the monkeys favourite food type (pasta) and as mentioned above, the veg can be hidden in the meat sauce. The meal is nutritious too.
We also try and encourage the monkeys to help prepare food in the kitchen, be it baking or cooking. They have a kid safe knife to help with chopping, help to grate cheese, add tinned foods to the saucepan and generally like to get involved when time allows.
All these things help them to stay happy and healthy, whilst teaching them about the importance of healthy eating without their actually realising!
I'm hoping our relaxed but informed way of educating the monkeys on healthy eating will stand them in good stead as they get older.

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He must be Joking!

So today I asked big monkey again what he would like from Father Christmas? Up until now he has said he would like a Liverpool football kit! Fair enough, I think Father Christmas can manage that! Today though after saying that again, he decided to write a quick list in his note book. After he had finished he read out what he had put. It's safe to say the cheeky 6yr old will not be getting even half of the bits on his list! I do hope when they big day comes, he won't be too disappointed! 
Here's a run down.....

Fifa 15 
Fifa 12
XBox DS? AND XBox 1
Roller Skates
A Skateboard
Lego City Police Station
Loom Bands
Football boots
Liverpool t shirt
Astro turf trainers

He has Fifa 14 for his Wii mini already, what's different about 12 and 15?! He is far too young for an XBox. He already has roller skates which he has only used a handful of times. Daddy feels he is too young yet for a skateboard! We've got him the Lego Fire station, that will have to do! He had a new bike and scooter last Christmas and does not need anymore loom bands! He already uses our iPad so why would he need one of his own? The football boots, and kit we can do! 
I'm only assuming some of these things are what his friends are getting and they've been talking in the playground! 
Luckily little monkey only wants one type of thing and that's  trains!! 


Yes, we borrowed a beach hut in October!

I don't know about you, but I've always loved seeing rows and rows of beach huts at the beach, and I always have a sneaky little nose inside as I walk past along the promenade! Who doesn't hey? They come in so many different colours and their owners style them so differently. I've wanted one for such a long time. Have you seen how much they sell for though? So expensive and definitely not something we can consider ourselves! Shame, as I'd so be at home in one.
So, how did we get to use one yesterday then? A lovely couple we know, lent it us for the day. We'd been meaning to get the keys and go earlier back in the summer but things just got in the way. Friday saw me having a light bulb moment, the weekend forecast was set to be warm, so I asked hubby if he fancied asking if we could have the keys. Lucky we asked when we did, as the owners were getting ready to fly out on holiday! 
Once our day at the beach hut was secured, I felt so excited! I mean, who wouldn't like to set up camp in a beach hut, let the kids play on the beach, whilst having a cuppa, taking lots photo's and eating chips!
We arrived soon after midday Saturday armed with instructions on where to get water, how to start the gas stove and most importantly where to find the hut amongst the long row of them. Once we'd settled in the monkeys went onto the sand to play, I shuddered looking above at the dead spiders just hanging from the ceiling and we took lots of photo's. The weather was fantastic! 21 degrees and mostly sunny with lovely blue sky. We really couldn't believe our luck!
Here are a selection of the photo's we took! Sorry, there are quite a few but the scenery was just too lovely! 
Blue Sky
Beach huts
Looking out to sea
Another angle
Playing sand castles
Bucket and spade
Another shot
J is for Jo
More huts
Boy in a bucket
Along the promenade
Brothers playing
Sitting it out
Lovely family
We had such a fun family afternoon that money just cannot buy. It was so good to be enjoying the unseasonal autumn weather in such a beautiful place. I know we'll go back there and I'm so grateful we know such a generous couple who were more than happy to lend it us. Thank you so much.......we didn't want to leave! Have you ever borrowed or owned a beach hut? Would you?

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#Project365 - Week 42

Two boys driving
Horsing around
Bat Cave
Beautiful Fushias
Autumn sunshine
Playing Mario Cart
All smiles
This last week has been so much fun with two family days out, some very unseasonal weather, 5 goals from the big monkey and a kiddie's sleepover! Here's my week 42 round up for days 285-291.

Family day at Diggerland and lots of fun had by all.
Spotted these horses on a walk after almost a whole day of rain.
Indoor play with the Bat Cave after our usual coffee and play meet with friends.
Some the the fushias in our front garden.
A glorious spot noticed on the drive home from the school run.
Concentrating so hard on his brothers Mario Cart game.
Great family day out at a friends beach hut in Frinton. Fabulous day and so warm too!

The temperatures have been in the low 20's these last few days.....crazy. We've really made the most of the warm and just got the beach trip in. I really thought we'd lost our chance the borrow the beach hut this year, so was delighted to visit today! As usaul we're linking up with the #365 linky.

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