The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van - Review

The Uggly's Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van from Character looked to be right up the monkey's street when I saw it, so I was thrilled to be asked to review one with them. What young boys would not love a van that makes over 30 gross sounds and involves dirty dogs and mischief?! 
Aimed at children aged 5+ the van comes with a slobby Saint Bernard. More Uggly's dogs can bought for £3 per two characters. We were sent two sets of two dogs meaning the monkeys had five to play with. Each ugly in their own endearing way! 
Open the van up to spy a loo, sit a dirty dog on it and hear it parp and the loo flush. Dip the dogs in the bath to hear the bubbles and hound burp. Weigh them on the scales and see the dial move. Drive them around town too and listen to the engine roar and the drive belching! Both monkeys love this! Luckily there is an on off switch underneath! I tend to think it's cool too to be honest and it's certainly kept little monkey in entertained. A little bit of fun!
In this short video you can hear some of it's hilarious gross sounds! The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van costs £20 at all leading toy shops. It seems robust and worth the money. 
We've even bought little monkey an extra set of dogs, so now he has seven of the dirty hounds to take about town and wash in his van! 
A farting 'smelly' van.....the monkeys are in heaven! ;) I think we may need to get more from the Ugglys range.
Tried and Tested


Week 21 Project 365 Round Up!

Day 137. Our furry friends are using their run whilst their hutch is being cleaned out. Still smitten with them!
Day 138. Each morning the monkeys insist on holding their pets, even whilst still in their PJ's!
Day 139. I had a little sort of my wardrobe which left most of what you see gone to make way for new clothes! 
Day 140. Review for Baker Days, I asked for this cake as Hubby and I celebrate our 8th Wedding Anniversary soon.
Day 141. Happy smiley face (on the teapot) for my almost 3lb weightloss this week. Taking me beyond my target! 
Day 142. Big monkey styled both their hair, making them look very handsome indeed.
Day 143. Lovely to see one of our hydrangea's in bloom. This is the oldest of the two which last year we thought was dead.

Missing linking up with The Boy and Me each week and thinking of them! It's been busy but now we're into half term and ready for a bit of R&R.

Make positive changes now!

This is a collaborative post
Now living much more healthily now than I did 6 months ago I was wondering what people do to make improvements to their lifestyle.
Sadly we lost my last remaining Grandparent in December 2013. I was so proud of her when aged around 75 years old she gave up the habit of a lifetime and stopped smoking on health grounds. I really thought she could not do it. She did and lived a good ten years or more after doing so.

The celebs are getting on the bandwagon and making positive changes to their lifestyle too!

It's the perfect time of year for a spot of spring cleaning - so why not try spring cleaning your lifestyle while you're at it?
Whether you're jumping on a cross-trainer or cutting out the carbs, there are plenty of ways to kick-start your health this spring - and swapping your cigarette for a vapouriz e-cig could be one easy way to boost your summer health.

Use them to gradually wean yourself off nicotine altogether or just to cut down your consumption - either way you'll find you're in good company.

Some of the world's biggest celebrities have made the swap, so which one is your role model?

Katherine Heigl 

Former star of Grey's Anatomy Katherine Heigl was one of the first celebs to be spotted with an e-cigarette on the David Letterman show way back in 2010. She says they've helped her to kick the habit - right on sister!

Leonardo DiCaprio 

He made his name in Titanic, and he's barely left our screens since. Appearing in the Wolf of Wall Street, Romeo and Juliet and many more, he's been a long time smoker - but recently he's been spotted with an e-cigarette. Could this be Hollywood's favourite bad boy turning over a new leaf?

Bruno Mars 

Bruno's mum died of a brain aneurysm a few years ago and since then he's made good on a promise he made her, to stop smoking with the help of e-cigs. If it's good enough for Bruno...

Lindsay Lohan

Another reformed Hollywood wild child, Lindsay Lohan has been spotted replaced smoking with vaping while she relaxed in the sun reading scripts - sounds like the life for us!
I've never been a smoker myself but I take my hat off to anyone who gives up and comes through the other side fitter and healthier!

Let the summer commence.


What's in The Box - Degustabox

Last month was no different to any other when our Degustabox arrived and I opened it to see what was inside! To keep the suprise I try not to read the email before it arrives and avoid looking in detail on instagram until ours is opened! Sad? Maybe! 
Here's what was inside Aprils Box.

1) Veetee Microwaveable rice - £1.49 each
2) Kingfisher Beer - £2 a bottle
3) New Schwartz Curry mixes - £1.08 each
4) Cirio Tinned Tomatoes & paste - £1.69 & £1.20
5) Kinder Chocolates with cereals & Choco-bons - £1.55 each
6) Barry's Tea, gold blend - £1.75
7) Scheckters Organic energy drink - £1.35
8) Wonjo Hibiscus drink
9) Idrinq Enhancement drink - £1.49 per can
10) Debeukelaer Cookies Bakery - £2 a box
11) Nandos Grooves Cut Potato Chips - 69p each

Another great mix of food items, to suit all tastes. We're not really into the energy drinks here but know they are popular. You can use the code P9609 to get £3 off the registration cost when signing up to Degustabox.


Woohoo - Target Hit!

So not only have I hit my original 3 and a half stone loss target I've smashed it this week! Down almost 3lbs from last week. I'm delighted, I'm now 3 stone 9lbs lighter than I was back in mid Novemeber 2014. 

This is a HUGE achievement for me and has not only left me feeling fitter, thinner and much more confident but happier, healthier and mentally so much better! 
I feel so good infact that I'm now planning on trying to lose another 5lb. I really think I can do it.
Gosh, I've not felt this good since I was about 25yrs old and I'm beginning to think even my new size 10 clothes are too big for me. How mad is that! I never imagined in my wildest dreams I might get to be a size 8 potentially. I would have been delighted with a 12! 
Thanks to you all for your continued support and for reading my updates.


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