Schleich Dragons - Review

Little monkey has been getting up close and personal with dragons sent to him to review. Schleich dragons to be precise! Aimed at ages 3+ they come from the Schleich Dragon Island range.
Featuring six dragons, little monkey has Dragon Runner and Dragon Hunter.
"The Runner can fly quite skilfully. Far more impressive is the speed with which it can race along the ground. At top speed its silhouette is scarcely recognisable. It only fights if it absolutely has to. But then everything happens so lightning fast that you can hardly follow him with your bare eye. It is very vain and always wants to look good. Moreover, it can sing really well".
"The Hunter has claws, sickle-shaped talons and a brutal bite. It has almost lost its fire, because it never uses it anyway. But to make up for this it has a poison fang, which makes every bite a fatal attack. Coupled with its ability to make no noise, its fantastic night vision and unbelievable endurance, all of this makes it a dangerous dragon".
Hard wearing and very robust these dragons are ideal for little hands, reenacting dragon fights and flight! With eye catching colours and attention to detail they are certainly very cool specimens! 
Little monkey and big monkey too are enjoying having them as part of the family! Dragon Runner is £14.99, available from Amazon and Dragon Runner is £12.99 also from Amazon.


Twirlywoos - There's Somebody at the Door DVD - Giveaway

I first came across the Twirlywoos when I was at BritMums back in June. However when I told the monkeys about them, they knew exactly who they were! Seems Mum is too far behind! 
There's a new DVD out now! 

Take a flight of discovery with the lovable Twirlywoos in their first ever DVD release.

Laugh along with the adorable antics of hit CBeebies comedy pre-school series Twirlywoos in their first collection of DVD tales. Twirlywoos - There’s Somebody At The Door was released by Abbey Home Media on the 5th October.

Twirlywoos features the fun-filled adventures of four, fruit tea loving bird-like characters: Great Big Hoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick. Home to the Twirlywoos is the Great Big Boat, manned by the Hooter and the three Quacky Birds. The Big Red Boat has a plentiful supply of their favourite fruit tea, and a host of secrets and surprise visitors.

Silly, fun and full of surprises Twirlywoos is made by children’s TV specialists Ragdoll Productions and devised by Anne Wood (Teletubbies, In The Night Garden) and Steve Roberts (Dipdap), and is narrated by Linda Bassett.

Combining stop-frame animation and live-action sequences set in the real world, the series uses fun and laughter to encourage pre-schoolers to think for themselves and gain confidence in their perceptions of the world.

The fun-filled DVD collection includes a free activity poster.


We have one Twirlywoos - There's Somebody at the Door DVD to giveaway. 
Just complete the rafflecopter form below before the closing date (Midnight 28/10/15). T&C's apply. Open to UK residents only. Good Luck! 
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New Imaginex Transforming Batcave - Review

The monkeys love the Imaginex range of toys from Fisher Price, in particular their Batcave, which we got around this time last year. Now there is a New Imaginex Transforming Toy Batcave on the block! 
The monkeys were delighted to receive this huge toy to review, brand new to the popular DC Super Friends range from Fisher-Price Imaginext.
Batman has always had the coolest gadgets to fight crime in Gotham City and his Batcave headquarters are no exception. With a turn of a Power Pad this Batcave transforms and the platforms, Batcomputer and Batwings all open up and the eyes light up. A
second Power Pad opens the garage so Batman can speed off to save the city from the evil clutches of The Joker. While a third opens Batman’s Armour Chest, full of gear he can wear to protect himself from enemy fire. No Batcave would be complete without a jail, elevator and projectile launcher to add to the story and the adventures. With a headquarters loaded with so much crime-fighting power, The Joker will be no match for Batman and young superheroes imagination. The Batcave includes Batman and The Joker figures.
We quickly set to work getting the transforming Batcave out of the box as the monkeys really could not wait to start playing with it.
They enjoyed exploring their new toy and testing the new features of this great new addition to the range. Even adding in the accessories from the original Batcave. Both great Batcaves but quite different! The elevator feature accessed from the back is fab, as is the projectile launcher. This Batcave with it's multi level platforms offers far more for children to play with. 
The light up eyes are a particularly cool feature, which fade out right before your eyes! The Batcomputer is rather great too!
We think this brand new transforming Batcave is a fabulous addition to the DC Super friends range. A great toy for Batman fans like the monkeys who have continued to play with it over and over since it arrived. As usual with Fisher Price toys it's very hard wearing and robust too.
Suitable from 3-8 years RRP £62.99. Currently £59.99 (at time of publishing this post) at Smyths Toys.

All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We're going on an adventure


New DVD! Welcome To The Furchester Hotel - Giveaway


Check-in to The Furchester Hotel to laugh and learn with loveable friends like Elmo and Cookie Monster who are on an extended holiday to the UK from Sesame Street. Meet Elmo’s Aunt Funella, Uncle Furgus and cousin Phoebe in their ‘almost’ world-class hotel as this furry family solves the zany problems their guests bring to the establishment. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel is the series’ first DVD, featuring six episodes from the hit CBeebies show, and was be released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 28th September.

The Furchester Hotel is a series designed for 3 to 6-year-olds and is set in a ½-star rated hotel run by a close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters. The series, is designed to encourage creative problem-solving. 

Episodes on the DVD are Welcome to the Furchester, Don’t Eat the Guests, Very Important Porcupine, Yodel-Ay-Hee-Hoo!, Count Your Chickens and The Veggietones.

Every DVD includes 3 exclusive collectable Furchester Hotel postcards. 


Abbey Home Media are kindly giving away one copy of this great new DVD. To enter just complete the rafflecopter form below! T&C's apply. Open To UK residents only. Giveaway closes Midnight 17/10/15. Good Luck! 

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Gino, Prosecco and Pizza!

WOW, don't you just love days where you just have to pinch yourself to make sure they actually happened! Tuesday was one of those days. Would I like to bake with Gino D'acampo at his house?! Hell yes. Of course I would!
Highgrove Foods and Gino have been working on a collaboration to create a new chilled fresh pizza base (Bake with Me) for busy families who love great tasting food (at a great price).
Available exclusively (to start with) in 300 Asda stores across the country from October 5th, the ready rolled bases will come in 3 different types. One thin and crispy, a family base with tomato and basil sauce and another (rectangle) one. 
Each comes rolled up in it's own bag which has a valve to keep it fresh. To use, just cut the packaging open, fold out the base onto a baking tray, cover with topping of your choice and cook for 12-15 minutes! Full instructions come with the bases.
Gino and Highgrove foods have been working together on this collaboration for 18 months now with the recipe taking about a year to perfect. 
Myself and other bloggers got to sample the pizza bases at Gino's house, opening the rolled up bases with him, topping them and tasting the cooked pizza's. They were delicious! The desert pizza Gino made with nutella and banana was particularly wonderful! 
Asked how much we thought the product would sell for most of us over estimated the cost! The boxed kit with base and sauce will cost just £2 and the other two bases only £1.50 each.
I think they will be perfect for families who enjoy pizza. Making their own with fresh tasty ingredients that kids can help create too can only be a winner!
Thanks so much to Gino's hospitality, I had such a fab time. John and his colleagues from Highgrove foods were great hosts too and I'm so pleased the Tots100 team made a call out for an extra two bloggers to attend. Best Tuesday lunchtime EVER!


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