New to Blogging

Hi, I'm a 40 something Mummy to two Monkey's who never sit still and who are always on the go unless asleep!! Monkey 1 is coming up to 5yrs and Monkey 2 turned 2yrs in January. They are otherwise known as the Chuckle Brothers by their Daddy........you get the picture!!

The boys love nothing more than running rings around mummy and daddy and think it's great fun to climb over each other, daddy, the furniture and anything they see as good climbing material! Daddy seems to be the favourite! Monkey 1 is a keen runner too so he uses our lounge/kitchen as his race track and will no doubt leave his tracks in the carpet very soon. He is usually followed quickly by his little brother.

The boy's father and I love them to bits. They are our world and everything we do is for their childhood and future. We want them to be happy, healthy little lads who have fun, learn lots and love each other.

I've set this blog up so that we can share our trials and tribulations of family life with Monkeys who don't sit still :-)



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