Mr Monkey (AKA Daddy) makes a Collage

With your 1st born child you tend to over do the photo's and take pictures of anything and everything, and why not! However we as many others were guilty of not taking enough when our 2nd Son was born and I personally have to remind myself to get snapping.

Daddy is the one that's usually in the photo's with the monkeys and I'm the one behind the camera taking the pics as I can't stand seeing myself in photo's but then the monkeys won't have photo's of their mummy to look back on in the future so Daddy is making a point of grabbing some! 

Today he decided to sit at the Macbook and create a collage of some of his favourite photo's of us all!
The monkeys have both gone through stages of posing for pictures, the eldest currently thinks it's funny to pull faces and the youngest just say's "cheese" and grins.....it's pretty impossible to get a lovely photo of the two of them together, so I'm delighted with the outcome.


Guest Post

The lovely Kate from http://familyfeverk.blogspot.co.uk/ has kindly written this great guest post for us sharing being pregnant 3 times and how each pregnancy is different. Kate is a fab mummy to 2 children and is due her 3rd baby very soon. I'd like to thank her for writing this post for us.

This is pregnancy number 3 for me, and I am always comparing it to my experiences during the other 2 pregnancies. Some things are very very similar while other things could not be more different!

Pregnancy 1

Gemma was my first baby, and my only girl pregnancy. I was sick, sick, sick for the first few weeks. Forget morning sickness, this was all-day-and-most-of-the-night sickness! It lasted until about 12
weeks then magically disappeared overnight (much to my relief!).

After the sickness went, I felt great. I quickly 'bloomed' and my bump was enormous! It was discovered I had polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) and so was monitored closely and given
extra scans, but all was well, and I just had a huge baby bump - measuring 52cms the day Gemma was born!

She arrived almost 3 weeks late after a very traumatic delivery, but is now a very happy, smart and chatty little madam.

Pregnancy 2

Jacob was baby number 2. His pregnancy was very different from my first. I had none of the sickness that I suffered from first time round, and actually felt well all the way through. My main gripe this time was heartburn - I spent many nights sat up in bed drinking gallons of Gaviscon and milk in an attempt to shift it! I again had quite a large bump, but nowhere near as big as with Gemma.

All was well with the pregnancy until my waters broke at 34 weeks. Jacob was delivered by emergency C section and spent some time recovering in SCBU. He is now a very lively, cheeky and
mischievous little monkey who never stays still.

Pregnancy 3

This pregnancy has had elements of both my previous pregnancies - namely the fact that I have again been diagnosed with polyhydramnios and have been receiving extra monitoring and scans, but it is not as severe as first time round and so I have not been so worried. I have also had the awful heartburn and have again been keeping Gaviscon in business!

My main issue this pregnancy has been SPD. The chronic pain in my hips and back has made life very difficult, especially with 2 children to run around after, and I ended up being signed off work a
bit early. So I have been trying to rest where I can (ha!) and haven been sporting a very attractive maternity support belt since 20 weeks.

It's true what they say - no 2 pregnancies are the same, and it's never all plain sailing. I am now 34 weeks pregnant with this little one, and am hoping that he behaves better than his brother and stays put for another few weeks!

Post written by Kate Fever

Ear, Nose and Throat Referral

Our youngest monkey is being referred to ENT for possible Grommets.....poor love. He has has been seen by the community team three times now to check his hearing and measure inside his ears and all three times he has been showing as having glue ear. This means that for him some things sound like they do when you put your fingers in your ears! There is fluid build up inside the ear which needs to be drained and tubes inserted to open the airways inside his ears to aid his hearing.

Little monkey was 4 days overdue and I had a quick delivery, which I was told can lead to build up of mucus in the ears. So when he had his newborn hearing test at the hospital at one day old he was referred to have another at two weeks old as he did not pass the test. I was a little upset but was told this was normal.
My mum came with me to the next test and to be honest I thought they were going to say he had no hearing. Why? because again he failed the usual test and had to have one with probes on his head. Eventually the lady passed him and said she may have had trouble as he was snuffly. I went home reassured but it had been emotional!

Months passed and I thought no more of it but when his speech seemed slow to develop I asked to see our lovely health visitor. She felt he was doing just fine but referred him to audiology to rule out any hearing problems! I never imagined they would say he had glue ear and maybe a slight hearing loss! I was told he would be likely to grow out of it and that it's very common in young children and was advised to see them again in 3 months. 
We saw the team twice more and both times he still had the glue ear and both times there was no improvement in the hearing tests. In fact this last time they said his hearing was maybe even a little worse.

Now we wait for the ENT referral and see what they have to say. The grommets will need fitting under general anesthetic and will give him instant normal hearing I'm lead to believe. Therefore his speech should develop more quickly and hopefully when he starts Pre-School in September he will be just like all the other children.

I do hope he is fine having the operation as I have to say I'm a little nervous and of course being his Mummy quite upset for him, but he is a strong little monkey and no doubt will be up to his usual tricks before we have even bought him home. 


About us

Mark and I met back in 2005 at a party in Surrey.  I lived in Surrey but he had traveled from Essex and nearly didn't get there as he took a wrong turn! So fate must have stepped in! We traveled between counties to see one and other until I moved in with him in Essex in 2006.

Later the following June Mark and I married in a lovely Tudor Manor House. The Wedding was one of the most amazing days of my life. Very soon afterwards we found out I was expecting our 1st child.

Benjamin was born in May 2008 and we quickly settled into family life, both of us taking to parent hood like a duck to water.

Joshua came along to complete our family in January 2011 and then there were four in the family :-)


April Break

Late I know but we have been busy! 

The boys and I had lots of fun in the school Easter Holidays and got up to lots of things including  meeting friends, going to the Park, having an indoor Easter Egg Hunt with Daddy indoors and popping down to Somerset for a long weekend Break!

As you are all probably aware the weather was pretty cold and somewhat wet for some of the school holiday's but our weekend away was great!.......very cold but dry and sunny.

Where did we go?

Well, we went to Haven Holidays Park in Burham on Sea. It's the 1st time we have ever been away to Haven Holidays and unfortunately Daddy couldn't make it with us so Nanny came. The boys love Nanny, so she came down by train the day before we were due to drive to Somerset.

The boys were very excited to be going away. Lots of silliness and excitement ensued! The drive down should have taken 3 and a half hours but it took us 6! Eldest Monkey said he had tummy ache so we stopped 3 times before he was sick all over the back of the car his side :-( I think it was the excitement that got the better of him! Once he had been sick though he seemed and looked so much better!! Mummy however was contemplating turning round and going home!
We decided to continue and so eventually made it after having another stop at a motorway service station for lunch. There was more excitement there when Mummy saw a TV actress currently in about 3 different things. Nanny and Mummy though could not remember her name!

Burnham was lovely and sunny when we arrived and the boys were keen to see the caravan we were staying in for the weekend and then have a nose about. We had lots of fun over the weekend playing crazy golf and going ten pin bowling. We even got Nanny in a swimming costume for an indoor splash about in the pool but boy was it freezing at night! The boys were OK as they slept in their dressing gowns but Nanny and I froze!
We Face timed Daddy whilst away so he felt like he was part of our journey and the boys loved telling him what they had been up to.

We had a great time and I can recommend Haven Holidays. The drive home was way quicker thankfully and we just drove until we got home. Our youngest was so sweet when he saw Daddy and gave him a lovely hug.

Next time Daddy will be coming with us!


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