Mr Monkey (AKA Daddy) makes a Collage

With your 1st born child you tend to over do the photo's and take pictures of anything and everything, and why not! However we as many others were guilty of not taking enough when our 2nd Son was born and I personally have to remind myself to get snapping.

Daddy is the one that's usually in the photo's with the monkeys and I'm the one behind the camera taking the pics as I can't stand seeing myself in photo's but then the monkeys won't have photo's of their mummy to look back on in the future so Daddy is making a point of grabbing some! 

Today he decided to sit at the Macbook and create a collage of some of his favourite photo's of us all!
The monkeys have both gone through stages of posing for pictures, the eldest currently thinks it's funny to pull faces and the youngest just say's "cheese" and grins.....it's pretty impossible to get a lovely photo of the two of them together, so I'm delighted with the outcome.



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