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The lovely Kate from http://familyfeverk.blogspot.co.uk/ has kindly written this great guest post for us sharing being pregnant 3 times and how each pregnancy is different. Kate is a fab mummy to 2 children and is due her 3rd baby very soon. I'd like to thank her for writing this post for us.

This is pregnancy number 3 for me, and I am always comparing it to my experiences during the other 2 pregnancies. Some things are very very similar while other things could not be more different!

Pregnancy 1

Gemma was my first baby, and my only girl pregnancy. I was sick, sick, sick for the first few weeks. Forget morning sickness, this was all-day-and-most-of-the-night sickness! It lasted until about 12
weeks then magically disappeared overnight (much to my relief!).

After the sickness went, I felt great. I quickly 'bloomed' and my bump was enormous! It was discovered I had polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) and so was monitored closely and given
extra scans, but all was well, and I just had a huge baby bump - measuring 52cms the day Gemma was born!

She arrived almost 3 weeks late after a very traumatic delivery, but is now a very happy, smart and chatty little madam.

Pregnancy 2

Jacob was baby number 2. His pregnancy was very different from my first. I had none of the sickness that I suffered from first time round, and actually felt well all the way through. My main gripe this time was heartburn - I spent many nights sat up in bed drinking gallons of Gaviscon and milk in an attempt to shift it! I again had quite a large bump, but nowhere near as big as with Gemma.

All was well with the pregnancy until my waters broke at 34 weeks. Jacob was delivered by emergency C section and spent some time recovering in SCBU. He is now a very lively, cheeky and
mischievous little monkey who never stays still.

Pregnancy 3

This pregnancy has had elements of both my previous pregnancies - namely the fact that I have again been diagnosed with polyhydramnios and have been receiving extra monitoring and scans, but it is not as severe as first time round and so I have not been so worried. I have also had the awful heartburn and have again been keeping Gaviscon in business!

My main issue this pregnancy has been SPD. The chronic pain in my hips and back has made life very difficult, especially with 2 children to run around after, and I ended up being signed off work a
bit early. So I have been trying to rest where I can (ha!) and haven been sporting a very attractive maternity support belt since 20 weeks.

It's true what they say - no 2 pregnancies are the same, and it's never all plain sailing. I am now 34 weeks pregnant with this little one, and am hoping that he behaves better than his brother and stays put for another few weeks!

Post written by Kate Fever


  1. Aww I have two and both pregnancies were extremely different! Good luck with no3 hope he stays put for a few more weeks xx

  2. My first two pregnancies were exactly the same, the second two were really different, I was convinced I was having a boy both times but I have 4 gorgeous girlies :) x

  3. Aww lovely stories and comparisions, hope all goes well with number three! My two pregnancies were very similar really (and both were boys!), they almost ran continuously, so by the time my second, Oscar was born I had been pregnant for 18 months out of the previous 21! x

  4. Thanks for the feature Jo, we enjoyed writing this post, and your blog is looking wonderful!

  5. Great stuff Kate and thanks so much for writing for us. Looking forward to hearing all about the new arrival very soon :-)

  6. Lovely post. I often compare my pregnancies and just as my 2 kids are completely different so were my journeys carrying them and bringing them into the world. C

  7. I would just like to Congratulate Kate and her family on the safe arrival of Max who arrived early. He is gorgeous!



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