Biggest Little Monkey Turns Five!

I cannot believe the last five years have flown by so quickly! Our 1st monkey was born early at 38.2 weeks on a Friday evening at 7.49pm. He soon settled into life at home with my husband and I and it quickly felt like we have always had him!
Being our 1st born the first year went fairly quickly (but not as quick as it did with our 2nd born) and he was soon walking and talking and basically hasn't stopped since!! His speech was very well developed by the time he was two and he was keen to explore everything and soak up new things like a sponge! Then came the terrible two's at the age of three and regular sessions in Pre-school. He really came into his own in his 2nd year there at age 4 and it seems like only yesterday we were helping him get to know his new school....foundation stage at infants. Now he has been there since September 2012 and is into his last term before going into year one!
Our eldest monkey is a great big brother to his little brother and they have a fab close relationship but for some reason he wants to be older and bigger every day and cannot wait until the day he goes into year 1, then turns 7 (so that he can tell us what he has done at school) and even go to senior school!! He even wants his baby teeth to fall out!

Now I'm thinking five is a good age and oh to be that age again!

He has been counting down the days for weeks now and started by asking how many more sleeps but now just counts them down himself! Excited is an understatement ;-)

So here we are May 2nd 2013.

Big little Monkey woke at 5am today! Boy, we were tired but hey, it's not everyday you turn 5! He opened some presents before school then played with them and took sweets in for his class to share. He did so well with gifts, friends and family have been so generous as always. After school monkey played with his presents again and opened some cards the postman delivered. His little friend he has known from birth came to tea and the two of them loved blowing out his candles on his cake and giggling at the smoke. 
He has gone to bed one very very tired but happy boy who is looking towards his birthday treat at the weekend! And you know what?......he asked me how many sleeps until his next birthday and told me he will be 6! That's my Boy ;-)

I feel a little sad he is growing up so fast.

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