Biggest Monkeys Birthday Treat at Legoland Windsor

Our eldest Monkey has been asking to go to Legoland for sometime now so coming up to his 5th Birthday we gave him the choice of a party or a day there
You guessed it he chose Legoland!

We decided not to go for the 2 for 1 day with overnight accommodation at Legoland this time round as our youngest monkey is only 2 and I felt he would get more out of going two consecutive days when he is older. So yesterday we drove there for the day. We left at approximately 07.30 and arrived soon after 09.00. The park doesn't open until 10.00 but we queued for tickets and went into the park before then, went to guest services then joined the masses waiting for the barriers to go up at 10.00.
This weekend was 'Star Wars Days' (something that just happened to be on the same weekend we chose to go not something we specifically chose to go and see). So as you can imagine there were lots of visitors dressed up in character and of course all the Star Wars cast in full costume.
I mentioned earlier guest services. Well we were told to go there to let them know it was monkeys birthday treat so that his name could be flashed up on the digital information displays throughout the day....an added bonus. He was also given a birthday badge to wear and so many of the Legoland staff wished him a happy birthday. It really made the day more special.
One of the first attractions we visited was the Miniland and it was one of the best parts of the day. Our youngest monkey could not be dragged away from there! He loved it, especially the trains and buses going around the various towns, cities and counties! The construction of Miniland was amazing and there was very minute detail of some of the worlds more famous landmarks.
We were disappointed to see the Duplo Valley area was still under part construction, to be opened only in a few weeks time but it gives us a good excuse to go back there again as our littlest monkey would have loved it! However we had a fab day. The boys both enjoyed the Pirate Show held throughout the day. We managed to get a good viewing spot for the 13.00 show and all the children and families watching it had a great time.....it was lots of fun.
In hindsight we should have taken a picnic for our day out but didn't as it was big monkey's birthday treat but as with all theme parks the food and drink was expensive. Still the boys ate well and I had taken snacks for them so they didn't go hungry.
Another favourite part of the day was the children's adventure play area 'Pirate Training Camp'. Daddy went on there with the two monkey's and they all had a ball. 
The weather was great and I'm not sure if it was because of the Star Wars themed weekend but Legoland stayed open until 19.00 instead of 18.00 yesterday much to the boys delight as it meant they could steal a little extra time on some of the rides! Big monkey chose to get his drivers license on the 'L Drivers' course (suitable for 3-5yrs) and he and daddy went on the 'Fire Academy' fire truck ride again too.
We left Legoland after going into one of the many Lego gift shops happy but tired and with aching feet but very pleased to have spent the day there celebrating big monkeys 5th birthday! Big monkey was asleep in the car within 15 minutes of leaving there and little monkey was too tired to happily let us put his PJ's on once we got home!


  1. great tip about the picnic i will remember that when we take Finn for his birthday day out end of july i cant wait and i absolutely love the idea about the birthday badge and lovely to hear Ben enjoyed his birthday treat!!

  2. Thank you AK. He certainly did do! There are plenty of places to sit and eat a picnic x



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