Daddy Daycare!

Daddy was in charge of the monkeys yesterday as I had to work. I gave him strict instructions to take lots of photo's as I wanted to share with you what they get up to while the cats away!

Firstly I was working from 1.45 to 9.30 pm and only work when daddy can have the boys as we can't afford childcare. 
Biggest monkey had birthday money to spend, so before I left for work I suggested they go into town once I'd left so that they could choose something he could buy.

Daddy and the two monkeys went into The Entertainer and there the boys chose something each they could buy, one a remote control car and the other a cricket set! So with those in tow, they then set off to the park to play with their purchases.....
Eating lunch and racing to the car

Unfortunately when they got to the park it started raining so eventually rain stopped play as they all got rather wet! Instead they came home and daddy cooked tea. The boys love pasta so they ate that and watched some of the cup final from the kitchen table. Daddy and the monkeys then had fun playing before bed. They go to bed about 6.30 usually but he let them stay up a bit and by the time I got home they were sound asleep and the house was very tidy!
Demonstrating his new cricket bat and having tea together

It's nice to go to work most of the time but I really miss them when I'm there!! He does a good job though does daddy, so I know they are always in good hands.


  1. looks like they throughout enjoyed their day with daddy! lovely pictures!

  2. It looks like they enjoyed their day with Daddy. Whenever my husband has my monkey for the day I always ask him to take photos and I normally get one grainy one sent to me!




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