Inspect A Gadget - Review

This review is for moneysupermarket.com and their Inspect A Gadget Competition.
Moneysupermarket.com are trying to see if cheaper travel accessories live up to the more expensive brand names. So they gifted me the funds to buy an inexpensive gadget from a list of five, which our family have been testing a little while. We decided we would like to review the 7" Essentials Portable DVD Player as we felt it most suits our family and were considering buying one for the monkeys anyway. This model is from Currys and is a steal at £49.99.
What's in the box?

As you can see in the photo, there is the DVD player, instruction manual, remote control, mains adapter, car power adapter and a quick start guide. The remote comes supplied with a 3V lithium battery.
  • 7" Screen size
  • Built in rechargeable battery with up to 2 hours battery life
  • Plays - DVD + R, DVD - R, DVD + RW, DVD - RW, CD - R & CD - RW
  • Leads to connect to a TV
The system is really easy to set up and navigate. The quick start guide is easy to follow and within minutes the portable DVD player is ready to go! We started out by setting the DVD player up to watch portably. The On/Off switch is on the side of the player and just slides across. All the functions are straight forward and easy to navigate. We have been very impressed with it so far! 
The picture quality is great for a cheaper end model and I would recommend getting one to anyone that is looking for an inexpensive portable DVD player. The sound is fine too and there are many functions yet to try, so it has lots of features despite being under £50. 

If we were to use a portable DVD player in the car we would personally prefer to get one with dual screens that attach to the back of the head rest, which this obviously does not but we would use this out and about, say in a cafe to keep the monkeys amused and it's ideal for times when they want to watch different things at the same time!
We have yet to take it out in the car and use the car charger and haven't yet used it via our television with the leads supplied but I doubt very much there will be a problem doing so. 
We are very impressed with our 'cheaper travel accessory' 
Thanks to moneysupermarket.com and their Inspect A Gadget Competion.


  1. Looks great - we are reviewing the tablet, keep an eye out for our review of that!

  2. Emmy loves her DVD player :)



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