Our Family Picnic for Daddy's 40th!

Daddy monkey turned the big 40 earlier this year! I wanted to arrange a number of different things for him to celebrate the occasion so organised a family picnic at a local park. Seeing as his birthday was back in March though I had to owe him the picnic for the warmer, sunnier weather!!
So the family were all invited this Sunday last and I kept my fingers crossed for a dry day and warmer weather than we have recently had! 
Daddy monkeys whole family were invited and it was lovely to see them all there bar one who had to work, we had a great day and the sun shone brightly. The monkeys loved catching up with their cousins and seeing their aunts, uncles and grandparents.

We had lots of fun during the day, playing games and the monkeys went exploring and climbing. The women of the family sat chatting and sunning themselves and we all had a good old catch up! Things got too much for little monkey at one point and one of his cousins managed to get him off to sleep in his pushchair. He'll do anything for her.

Sun hats, suncream and the sun tent were the order of the day with the fab weather I had ordered!! The monkeys had a really good day and daddy monkey was chuffed everyone got to spend the day together. He still has outstanding birthday celebrations....I think he is milking this turning 40 lark personally! ;-)

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