Day Trip to Ely

My parents live on a narrow boat and the monkeys just love to go and visit nanny and grandad and spend time on it, so last Friday we drove up to Ely, Cambridgeshire where they were moored!
I have to say I was most impressed with Ely and the monkeys had a ball. There is so much for them to see and do there and most of it was free!

The River
The river Great Ouse runs through Ely and that brings so much to look at for the monkeys! They love feeding the ducks, watching the other narrrow boats go by plus the other boats meandering past. There are geese who were trying to be rather friendly on the bank too and of course there are always people by the river, so there was something for me too, as I tend to be a people watcher! The day was pretty overcast to begin with but soon after we arrived in Ely the sun shone and it was a beautiful day!
The Trains
The train line runs right past the river, so the monkeys loved kneeling on nanny and grandads sofa and looking out of the window at the trains going past (and there were lots!) Little monkey in particular loves trains of all sorts so he was especially happy. We even sat up on the train station platform and did some train spotting! 
The Cathedral
Ely Cathedral is really impressive and can be seen on the skyline a little way outside of Ely. We didn't go inside but had a wonder up through the city and around the grounds of the Cathedral, both monkeys insisting on walking along the low wall and playing running games along the paths! We even did a spot of shopping and nanny bought chips as a treat for us all for lunch.....the simple things hey!
Aside from the Cathedral there are so many quaint little buildings and things to see.

Ely Country Park
Just past where the boat was moored and along the river slightly there is a gem of a country park hidden behind the trees that line the railway. The park is kitted out well for families and the monkeys loved the swings and the huge slide there. It was busy but we had a ball! The slide was on a tall rubberised mound with lots of steps leading up to it, little monkey was not fazed at all.
Tractors, Diggers and Planes!
The monkeys took great delight at seeing all the farm machines, planes flying over, trains going past, boats on the river and diggers working the banks. A Hercules flew over whilst we were at the country park.
Nanny and Grandads Narrow Boat
One of the biggest attractions for the boys has to be the boat! They love playing on it, helping grandad to start the engine, steer the boat when it's taken out on the river and generally spending time with nanny and grandad on it! It's named after my nan, whom they never met. The monkey's are pretty good at being sensible on the boat, especially the eldest one now he is 5. Little monkeys needs to learn a thing or two but I'm sure he will!
I can highly recommend a visit to Ely if you are ever near there...a real gem in our UK countryside.


  1. Wow - how exciting for the Monkeys to have Nanny and Granddad living on a river boat - am actually jealous. Looks like they've had excellent fun x

    1. They love it! Means the monkeys and us get to see more of the country than we may have done also.

  2. Ely looks such a beautiful and picturesque place. What a packed day full of fun, and how lucky for the children that Nanny and Granddad have a river boat for them to visit. They seem ideally situated for most places to visit. Thanks for coming over and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Looks beautiful. I would love to live on a narrow boat one day. I believe my father in law is just about to buy one, so we'll be able to try a test run!

  4. We love Ely - living in Cambridge means it's one of the places we quite often go for an afternoon out. Down by the river is lovely and the Cathedral is definitely impressive.

  5. Oh, lovely and close then! I really was a great place to visit.



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