Ear, Nose and Throat Referral-Update

Well, our youngest monkey had his ENT appointment at the hospital today and I'm pleased to say there has been some good news! 
He still has glue ear but there is a slight improvement in his mild hearing loss, so for the time being he won't need an operation to have grommets fitted. He will need to be seen again in 3 months time to see if there is further improvement and then a decision will be made regarding treatment or not!
We are very impressed with the treatment we received today at the hospital, very limited waiting, very friendly staff and a smooth appointment. We were in and out within 45 minutes! Little monkey was a super dude and very compliant and well behaved, we are very proud of him.
Will keep you all posted in the future after his next appointment. Our original blog post can be seen here. What have your experiences of the NHS service been like with your little ones?

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