Magic Moments 24/06/2013

Good morning. I'm linking up with The Oliver's Madhouse for my #MagicMoment today. It comes from taking little monkey, just now for a play at the Preschool he will be starting in September. His big brother went there and we love it but little monkey is my baby and quite a young and small 2.5yr old, so I wanted to introduce him to it before he starts. I needn't have worried! He settled right in within a few minutes and played really nicely! So much so that he didn't want to come away! Little monkey does have more confidence than big monkey did at the same age but in other respects he just seems so much younger than big monkey did. He did me proud and I'm delighted he ran off to play with all the toys they had out.
I'm hoping he will settle so much quicker and better than big monkey did and it seems we might be on to a winner! 
Well done little superstar xx


  1. awww wow what a really lovely post and a fab #magicmoment. Thanks for linking it up xx

  2. Aww he's getting so grown up! Glad he enjoyed it



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