Small Steps #1: He Makes Us Proud!

We are delighted to take part in the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky with Ethan's Escapades.

Our littlest monkey has been having problems with his ears but last week we had an ENT appointment, and the news was good! 
"Well, our youngest monkey had his ENT appointment at the hospital today and I'm pleased to say there has been some good news!
He still has glue ear but there is a slight improvement in his mild hearing loss, so for the time being he won't need an operation to have grommets fitted. He will need to be seen again in 3 months time to see if there is further improvement and then a decision will be made regarding treatment or not!

We are very impressed with the treatment we received today at the hospital, very limited waiting, very friendly staff and a smooth appointment. We were in and out within 45 minutes! Little monkey was a super dude and very compliant and well behaved, we are very proud of him".

This is good news as he is starting Preschool in September and I am hoping his hearing and speech does not hold him back. So yesterday I took him for a visit to the Preschool, to have a little play and get a feel for it. He will be going 2 mornings a week. I'm trilled to say the visit was a success! 
"His big brother went there and we love it but little monkey is my baby and quite a young and small 2.5yr old, so I wanted to introduce him to it before he starts. I needn't have worried! He settled right in within a few minutes and played really nicely! So much so that he didn't want to come away! Little monkey does have more confidence than big monkey did at the same age but in other respects he just seems so much younger than big monkey did. He did me proud and I'm delighted he ran off to play with all the toys they had out.
I'm hoping he will settle so much quicker and better than big monkey did and it seems we might be on to a winner!
Well done little superstar"xx 

Ethans Escapades


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