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We have recently become 'Cuddledry Super Bloggers' and would like to spread the Cuddledry love!

What is Cuddledry? I hear you say. 
This it what Cuddeldry say: "This unique hooded apron towel makes bathtime safe, simple and snug - for you and your baby! Most babies enjoy bath time but for some it can be upsetting making you feel fraught and turning it into a bit of a juggling act! With this original, organic apron towel you stay dry, you can lift your baby from bathwater easily and naturally, he/she stays warm and tenderly wrapped so everyone is happy and calm!"

Our review was started some time ago when our youngest monkey was a lot younger but we still use it today and he still loves it just as much!
On receiving the cuddledry I opened the packaging to find the towel itself in a transparent plastic wallet that can be used and re-used if needs be to carry the towel about.
The cuddledry is luxuriously thick and soft and on giving it a 1st wash it came out just as soft and as luxurious. The quality is very good and on using it the first time with my 6 month old monkey I felt it was very absorbent and he looked very warm, snug and cosy in it. You barley have to dab or rub baby dry as the cuddledry does the work for you! 

The cuddledry is huge.....I’m only 5ft tall and on wearing it, it was almost down to my ankles. It’s really easy to use and no instructions were needed but they can be found on the packaging, also on the cuddledry website. The towel is fairly heavy as opposed to other towels but I believe this is purely because of it’s size, thickness and quality. It has poppers on it so that it can be secured by the wearer and is comfy for the wearer too albeit warm! It has been washed many times now and although now showing signs of age it is still as thick as it was and just as absorbent. I personally love it and we still use this every time little monkey has a bath. We are thrilled with it, I just wish they did one for adults! 
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*We received this cuddledry for review via Essex Mums originally, from but all opinions are my own*


  1. They look fab! That would be so useful to have for my little ones :) xx

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  2. I've always wanted to try a Cuddledry towel - they look so lush! (Quite fancy a grown up one!)



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