Why The Name Iris Is So Special To Me!

My lovely Nan, whom I loved so much was called Iris. Sadly she died in 2000 and I still miss her today. Now my Nan didn't particularly like her name but I think it's a lovely name and my parents must do too, for they named their narrow boat Iris! The boat was built after Nan passed away so she didn't get to see it but she would have loved it. 
Iris flowers are beautiful too and we have some in our garden that come up each year, the colour  purple is so vibrant and so beautifully deep and rich. I love Purple and not just because of Iris's (though that does help).
The name Iris means so much to me, that when I got married to the monkeys dad and found some new glasses with the design name Iris, I just had to buy them. They were perfect too, as they were very delicate, nice and neutral so went well with my wedding dress! I also chose the colour purple for my colour scheme so that I could have Iris's in my bouquet.......so you see the name Iris means a whole lot to me. Darling hubby also had a similar posy made up with the colour purple in for my 40th!

Should we have had a daughter I would have loved to call her Iris x
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