A Well Deserved Reward

I can't quite believe that this time last year big monkey hadn't even started school and now here we are only a week away from him having completed his 1st year at school in Foundation Stage! Where does the time go? We have been very impressed with the school so far and amazed at how much he has learned in the time he has been at school. He has done really well and having attended his class Parents Evening last week, we were extremely proud to see his work and hear how he has been doing. He is exceeding in all 17 area's of the Early Learning Goals set within the EYFS and we can not be more proud of him. I was bursting with pride throughout our meeting with his teacher last week. What a great feeling to have. I was quite choked to be honest. 
So, Daddy Monkey and I decided that we would get a treat for little monkey for all his hard work, to show him how pleased and how proud of him we are. He is signed up onto a soccer course during the school holidays, local to us and therefore daddy said he would get him a football kit! Little monkey is delighted by this and said he would like Barcelona Kit, so today we went and got him one!
It's safe to say, he loves it (even the socks that are too long). He even wanted to wear the kit to bed!
Well done Monkey, we are very proud of you xx


  1. It must be so lovely to have a glowing school report and to hear all the progress he has made.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)



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