"A huge, award winning forest of family fun and outdoor adventure. Treehouses, zip wires, jungle bridges, Crocklebogs, Twiggles and Boggles, storytelling, boat trips, marsh walks and really yummy food!"

Yesterday we were lucky enough to visit Bewilderwood in Norfolk. The curious treehouse adventure.
It's just under two hours from home for us but somewhere I have been wanting to take the monkeys for a while, and we were lucky enough to be sent complimentary tickets. The journey there was pretty straightforward and apart from a brief error following the directions, we made it safely and ready to have a blast.
We arrived soon after it opened at 10am and there were few people in the queue. As we already had tickets, we went straight to the entrance where we were greeted by two friendly female Bewilderwood staff (aka the Twiggle Team). They gave us wrist bands and a map, and wished us a pleasant visit, then we were off into the wilderness on one of the boats to take us on our adventure. During the short boat ride one of the Twiggle Team told us about the creatures who live in the woods and the bogs and took us past Mildred the Crocklebog who gave out a big wet snort as the boat went past! On dry land we were met with a snack shack before the path to our adventure. Now, at this point little monkey had an unfortunate accident! He ran forward, not noticing the wooden barrier in front of him, hitting his head on it and giving himself a nose bleed! Not a great start! Being brave, and after some of mummy's and daddy's bacon roll, he soon perked up and off we went. The bacon roll was yummy by the way and sourced from local produce. Not badly priced too.

So, which way to go? We let Big Monkey choose, and he said left, so that's the way we went! We were faced with Toddlewood Valley, the Broken Bridge and Wobbly Wires, amongst other great, fun stuff, which both monkeys and us were keen to explore. The slides (except in the designated toddler area's) were too big for little monkey but he happily climbed with us all, then one would take him down the steps and ladders back to the bottom!

Yesterday Bewilderwood was busy but not packed and it was pleasantly cooler amongst the tree's. Luckily we had no rain at all and other than the pushchair friendly paths, the play area's were all covered in wood chip anyway, so it wasn't wet or muddy underfoot from any of the thunder showers the East has recently had. There were plenty of sunny spots amongst all the shady bits too!

Further into our adventure, we hit Muddle Maze, Twiggle Village and BeWILDerview! Big monkey and I had great fun laughing at little monkey and daddy getting lost in the maze, as we found our way through it fast and daddy is always bad at directions!

The most fun but most scary part of the day (well for me anyway!), was Slippery Slope, a trio of massive, fast slides in varying gradients and heights! One of them I just screamed sliding down!! Much to the entertainment of other visitors and another mum who gave me a 'high-five'! The monkeys had a ball, and even though little monkey was really too small, he had a sneaky go next to Daddy on one of the lower slides. The main food and seating area were right by Slippery Slopes, so we sampled the ice-creams, got some drinks and had a brief sit down before making our way back to the start to go and eat our picnic by the car. The food and drinks were very reasonably priced and all locally sourced. Also right there, was Toddlewood on the Hill, where both monkeys had a run around and played in the sand pit.
Yesterday at Bewilderwood (and until 2nd Sept) there was an event, Curious Crocklebug Capers, but to be honest we had so much fun doing all the other stuff, we didn't actually partake in any of it!
After our picnic by the car, we did in fact go back in with the pushchair as little monkey needed a snooze, which gave big monkey the ideal opportunity to go back on the slides, again and again. We left tired but happy about 3.45pm.
In conclusion I have to say, we all had a fab time there and would highly recommend it to anyone, a great family day out. The Twiggle Team were all helpful and friendly and helped to make the adventure more mystical, with stories of the character's living in the bog and in the woods. The advice we were given by friends, was to leave the pushchair in the car, although it's perfectly suitable for pushchairs, use the boat when you arrive, which we did and leave the picnic in the car, save carrying it around. We found all of these tips helpful and they worked for us. My only reservation would be the admission cost. Had we not have received the wonderful complimentary tickets, it would of cost us £55 yesterday, which to me seems a lot. But maybe not? I don't know. Would we go again? Hell, yes! Thank you Bewilderwood, for such a great experience.

If you would like to know more why not visit the Bewilderwood Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

**This review has been written by myself, all opinions are my own. The tickets were complimentary from Bewilderwood**

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