Keep the Faith, & Raise your hands!!!!! BON JOVI - Because We Can Tour 2013

A day out whilst the Monkeys were being looked after by Nanny & Grandad. This is what we got up to!
A beautiful day at Hyde Park on Friday July 5th 2013 with my lovely wife Jo, waiting for Bon Jovi to take centre stage.

I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan since 1986 when I first bought “Living on a Prayer” on vinyl......I’m that old!!!

Having turned 40 this year, as a present to me, my darling Jo bought two tickets to see Bon Jovi.

Having seen these chaps from New Jersey quite a few times in the past, I was certainly looking forward to another day of good old American Rock.

Sadly, at the moment lead guitarist Richie Sambora isn’t touring with the band (for reasons only known to the band). Session guitarist Phil X has been standing in for Richie for the past few months. Although an amazing and extremely talented guitarist he is not Richie Sambora and therefore the complete Bon Jovi sound, I’m afraid to say isn’t there (in my opinion). However, this did not deter from the enjoyment of the concert from start to finish.

Bon Jovi took to the stage at around 7:20pm, opening with a Quo classic “Rocking all over the world” and then blasting into 3 hours of solid, enthusiastic and energetic entertainment, with all the Bon Jovi classics and new material you’d expect from the biggest touring band in the world.

As front man, Jon Bon Jovi never slows down. His enthusiasm, energy and voice got stronger and stronger as the bands performance went on. Still very humble, taking time to thank the audience for continually buying their records to keep them at the top of their game for 30 years. Something he has done every time I’ve seen Bon Jovi live. Making the point of considering himself the opening act for The Rolling Stones the next day!

So, a long and very hot day at Hyde Park. Thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that the ole voice was a bit rough the next day from all of the singing......not necessarily in tune!!!! ;o)

Very much looking forward to the next Bon Jovi tour in the UK. - Have a Nice Day!!!

*Word content written by Mark Laybourn. Photo's added by myself*

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  1. Oooh those rare days out WITHOUT the kids. What's that like again? I'm very jealous! Looks like it was a fab gig!

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop! xx



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