Preparing to send Little Monkey to Preschool!

Well I've just got back for a 'new parents meeting' at the Preschool little monkey starts in September! So scary he will be starting there, he is my baby, where does the time go?! 
My big monkey went there but today the meeting was all about little monkey starting in terms of who his key worker will be, what days he will attend and other 'house keeping' stuff! It was so strange being back! I felt a bit emotional to be honest, it's only been a year since big monkey left but now my last baby is starting and then nothing. No more kiddies for me in Preschool (ever!)
That makes me quite sad!

I love that Preschool and big monkey did too! It really prepared him well to start school last September and I'm sure they will do a good job with little monkey too. Lets hope so!
So, watch this space. I will keep you informed of little monkey's progress x

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