Summer Afternoon At Paper Mill Lock

Paper Mill Lock is on the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation close to where we live. It is an idyllic spot for a summer's afternoon stroll, a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake! (Wait, then I woke up!) I forgot then, that I was there with two monkeys who have other idea's!
We live close to the A12, A130 and M25, all major roads in Essex and you would not think that Paper Mill Lock is only about 7 miles away!
So today, whilst Daddy was at work I took the monkeys there for a wander, with a plan to get them a drink from the Tea Room and maybe feed the ducks, but I forgot the bread, the monkeys were being monkey's and wanted to run about (not a good idea next to the River) and they didn't want anything from the Tea Room! Instead, I chased after them both, managed a few pictures on my phone and then we were off again. A quick pit stop, but none the less a great place for families to visit!

Boat trips are run from there, but we've never taken one considering we have family with their own boat, lots of boaters visit their boats, so there are generally plenty of people about and the Tea Rooms are very popular. Sometimes, you can't even get into the car park. 

Perhaps I shall take Daddy to give a helping hand next time we go? Or him and I could even go there on a rare afternoon out whilst the boys are busy with the Grandparents! If you are ever in this neck of the woods I would highly recommend a stop there. The carpark is free, and there is lots of wildlife to see. Plus there is cake!!!

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