Will She or Won't She?

If you haven't heard (where have you been?!). A Royal Baby is due to be born anytime now and for a while I have been saying it will be a Boy and will be born on Sunday 21st July. Why? This is my birthday and wouldn't it be nice to share it with the new Royal Baby!
The world awaits in anticipation of the new arrival and I for one am excited to see if my prediction is right or way off the mark! 
Will Katherine Middleton give birth this coming Sunday or won't she? Only time will tell. 
What are your predictions for the baby's birth date and gender? All we can do is sit back and wait. In the meantime I shall have a lovely day Sunday, despite whether or not He or She arrives that day.



  1. I'm excited about the royal baby!
    I THINK she'll have a boy but I hope its a girl coz of the new ruling on her being Queen regardless - I like the idea of history being made!
    I think she had it today and we'll have an announcement tomorrow! :D

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks



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