The Great Outdoors

This week has been a little quieter for us, as for a large part of it I've been poorly! So this week the monkeys have spent more time playing, (and fighting) indoors and we've been out and about much less. We did, however manage a couple of trips out, when I was feeling OK. 

Sunday Daddy, the monkeys and I took a drive to the coast, late afternoon. We decided to go to Walton on the Naze as we'd not been there in a while. The monkeys were keen to build sand castles on the beach, so we took buckets and spades BUT when we got there, the tide was in! No matter, we said, lets get tea, then see if the tide is going out. Low and behold, after sitting in a fish and chip shop and all eating our food, the tide had indeed started to go back out, so the boys had a great time digging in the sand, building castles and knocking them down again!
Little monkey was a bit young last time we went to build sandcastles, so he had great fun exploring the beach.
It was a little chilly, and pretty breezy but out of the shade we still managed to feel the last of the days sun. Big monkey loved his GB flag!
I really can't remember too much about Monday and Tuesday, excpect for going to the Doctors and having to have a nap both day's but on Wednesday, we managed a class meet up at Hylands Park. We had a picnic in the children's play area, which consists of a very large and very fab wooden adventure playground and after a few hours, Daddy came and joined us.
Once we'd said goodbye to big monkeys class mates, we set off to find drinks and ice-cream and chill out in the gardens. They are really fab. The monkeys explored with daddy and saw the fish in the pond and the ducks on the lake, whilst I sat and rested! Little monkey, as you can see tried his hardest to get onto the flower beds!
Thursday was another fairly quiet day, but whilst daddy was at work I took the monkeys to the local children's play area, where big monkey and I kicked the ball about a bit.
Little monkey had a swing and both of them were in fits playing with the ball on the climbing frame! Big monkey even managed to use the monkey bars successfully! He is so pleased with himself!
It's only around the corner from us, so ideal for a quick pit stop and play, to get out in the great outdoors and make the most of the beautiful weather we have been having!
I hope you like our photo's of this week in bite sized chunks? 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Life in a Break Down


Yay, He's Done It!

Little monkey starts Preschool next week and I had wanted to have him potty trained. He is 2.5 and just not ready so I've now decided to wait, however I did think it would be better if he would wear pull ups, as I think they would be easier for the staff there to change. 
He had other idea's though and until now has got very upset and distressed when we have tried to put one on him. Yesterday Daddy had a break through and little monkey proudly came up to see me whilst I was getting dressed to show me how pleased with himself he was that he was wearing a pull up! Since then, he has had one on every change time! It's only a small step to you but a massive one here and it makes me very happy! He continues to be proud and so do we :)
As you can see, he is starting to sit on the potty too. A little way off from using it yet but it's a step in the right direction!
Ethans Escapades


Do YOU have any Tips For New Parents?

Rachael from L-Plate Mummy has come up with a fab idea to help new parents and raise money for two fab charities, 2 Wish Upon A Star and The Lullaby Trust. She is creating a Kindle Book of 101 Top Tips for New Parents, and you can help by providing your Tips. Either leave me a comment and I will pass them all onto Rachael or click the link here for more details on how to help with your tips!

What a great way to help new parents and these two fab charities. My top tip would be :- 
"You can't have too many Muslin Squares, they are great for so many different uses with newborns". 
What's yours?


We Took Nana To The Park! #CountryKids

Wednesday we spent a good few hours at the park with Nana, who had never been to Lake Meadows before. There's lots to do there, you can feed the ducks on the lake, play tennis on the courts, there is a great children's play area, a cafe, toilets (always a good thing withsmall children), lots of grassed areas and usually some sort of entertainment for families and children. This time they were setting up 'Go Bonkers', an inflatable park for Wednesday afternoon. We played in the playground, had an ice-cream, sat watching the world go by and had a lovely walk around the lake, which is pretty big! Sadly big monkey got scared by a cute little dog and wanted to go home after that, but until then, we had been having a lovely time and Nana enjoyed herself too!

Have you been anywhere nice in the great outdoors this week? Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


It's Magic!-Scribblebuster Review

Fairly recently, big monkey did some drawing and the (permanent) marker he used went straight through the paper onto my kitchen table. Now, don't get me wrong, the table is not new, nor is it in the best of conditions BUT blue marker is not something I want to look at on top of the table 24/7. I asked on my Facebook page if anyone had any idea's what I could use to get it out and nothing worked. So, I told Daddy that I would be wanting a nice oilcloth tablecloth and we would have to live with it! That was until I came across a product on Facebook called Scribblebuster! It was pure coincidence that I found this and they were also sending out samples! Yay, I thought, this could be just the ticket!!
I requested a sample and a while later one plopped onto the door mat. Basically a sheet much like a glasses wipe in a foil packet, I opened it after reading the instructions and gave the table a wipe. The sheet was coated in waxy stuff that obviously works at getting things off surfaces, as it started to turn blue the more I wiped the marker pen stain and the stain got lighter, and shows far less than it did!! To be honest I was amazed and despite the fact the stain is still there, it is so much better than it was and I'm so excited to buy the product and try it out on other things around the house.
Unfortunately I didn't get a 'before' photo, (as I was too keen to try the sample out!) but I do have an 'after' one and it's so much lighter than the original stain.
If you would like to know more about Scribblebuster please do take a look here.

*I have not been asked to write this review but did receive a small free sample of the product. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


Daddy, DADDY-Wot So Funee?

I just had to share this with you, little monkey had us in fits of giggles just now! He was meant to be having a nap. Big monkey and daddy decided to go into the garden to play and after a while I get called out there. Upstairs there's a little face at the window, tucked behind his blind, calling out Daddy, Daddy, then waving a grinning like a Cheshire cat!
The little money was stood on the bed frame being nosey.....................Here is a photo of him just as Big monkey ran in to get him!
Are your little ones cheeky too?

Wot So Funee?


The Happy Badger Has Popped By

The Happy Badger from Appliances Online has given me a visit to help me help a very worthy charity. This charity is The Lullaby Trust. They help to raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome and support the families who have been affected by it.
Matilda Mae sadly lost her life to SIDS at nine months old and this donation from the Happy Badger is for her. Rest in peace little angel, you have touched many many hearts xx
*If you would like to help a charity of your choice with the Happy Badger, you can find out more here*

He Is So Crazy ;-)

Big monkey is a crazy soul and this just proves how much! I defy you not to giggle!
Some time ago whilst we were skyping Nanny and Grandad, who live on a boat, monkey was having a conversation with them and was asked to end the call shortly as it was time to get ready for bed! I took the laptop over and he started to undress in the background. On saying my goodbyes, big monkey decided it would be funny to randomly come up to the laptop and do a moony to the webcam, so that all nanny and grandad could see there end, was his peachy white bottom!! 
I know we shouldn't have laughed but we were all in huge fits of giggles! It was truly the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time! It's a good job we weren't skyping the queen or someone! ;-))
The photo goes to show another example of how funny big monkey can be! He was a bit younger in the picture but is still as silly.

*Cycle Addicts are running a competition and this is our entry. Family Fever and My Buggy Junction may like to enter too!*


We've been to Lollibop :)

Lollibop, 'the Big Bash for Little People' was held over three days this last weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun). Previously held in Regents Park, it was nearer to us at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this year and we were very lucky indeed to win family tickets via EmmysMummy, a fab blog.
To say I was excited, was an understatement, as I've always wanted to take the monkeys but have found the tickets for all of us to go, too expensive.
So yesterday we set off bright and early for two special treats for the boys, the train ride there and the actual festival. I had previously told the monkeys that we were going and showed big monkey the details about the acts and other fab stuff, on the internet. He too was very excited. Little monkey loves trains, so I figured we should have two happy bunny's (well monkeys), for our day out! The train there was straightforward and we got to Stratford in about 25 minutes. We met friends there and walked together from the station to the venue. It's a good 20 minute walk but we were directed on the way by chirpy stewards holding foam hands in the direction of our travel. 
We arrived in through the entrance at about 11.30am. No queuing, as we went in through the guest list section and no ID requested despite my confirmation email requesting I take it. 
On going into Lollibop, there were vast numbers of children and adults having fun, roaming around and taking everything in. The monkeys led the way to some extent. We saw Andy and Sid performing in the Lollipalladium. 

They were fun and engaging the crowd. Big monkey sat on daddy's shoulders and watched a very entertaining talk from the National Geographic channel. They showed the spectators a snake and I hid at the back behind the crowds, watching little monkey play in a sand pit. I hate snakes and they make me very nervous! Next up was a mooch around some of the stalls and the monkeys sampled some of the food stuff being given out. The Lolli Arena was where we headed to so that our friends daughter could see Hello Kitty on stage, then soon after Justin Fletcher was due on. 

Whilst waiting for him to wow the crowds, we had a bite to eat from one of a number of food vendors and made our way nearer to the stage as people moved on. We had a great view of Dick and Dom, Andy, Sid and Alex from Cbeebies, The Poetry Man, Hello Kitty and finally Justin himself. I have to say they were all fab. There was a huge crowd watching and I was a little concerned we were being tussled closer to the barriers at the front but Alex ushered everyone to sit down so the children could see, and this proved to be the best thing all round! Big money mainly stayed with daddy and they took photo's. I sat with little monkey, who despite the noise, fell asleep in his pushchair and generally, apart from a few adults who seemed to think it was OK to climb over the front of the pushchair or crowd in front of us, a good time was had by all with Justin. He was awesome.
After that, we had some down time and wandered the meadows and promenade. The monkeys ran about, had an ice-cream, played on the wooden step seats and generally took in the slightly more relaxed atmosphere. We had another wander around the festival, had our photo taken on the Duplo Train in the Duplo tent, from behind the crowds we saw the 8ft 'Titan the Robot' and the monkeys played in the kids play area.
Finally, before deciding to make our way home, we met up with the rest of our party, who some of which, we had been separated from. We got the monkeys a balloon each and made our way back to the exit, after a long but very fun day. We hope to be making an appearance at Lollibop again next year and would recommend it to anyone thinking of going when it's next on. I would say though, be prepared for a long day and to spend some money on food and other optional fun things. There WILL be lots of people and there is some waiting around.
We got back home about 6.30pm, tired and dusty, but happy and full of memories that will last a long time!

*We have not been asked to write this post, I've just done so to share our day. The tickets were won through a competition*


He is Growing So Fast!-Magic Moments

Last week big monkey spent five mornings at Soccer Club. Now, some of you would say "so what!" The thing is he was left there with other young lads and some friends from school and had a great time it would seem, with just a few tears one morning when he couldn't see one of his friends initially. This would not have happened some time ago and I'm very proud he lasted the week and came away with a certificate of achievement and match tickets, so he and daddy can go and watch a match at our local team. I think he is pretty proud himself too, and the best bit was, I arrived to collect him at the end on the last day, just as his name was called out to go and get his certificate and shake hands with the coach. It made me well up with pride.
Well done Son. I knew you could do it! xx


Caption Saturday!

Today I have linked up with Mammasaurus for 'Saturday is Caption Day'. The rules are simple, link up a photo, it can be old or new and ask people to leave a comment with a caption for it! Here is today's photo.......
Please leave a caption in the comments below!

While the Cat's Away.........

The monkeys and Daddy have fun in the garden!
As I left for work daddy and big monkey were setting up a ramp and track for little monkey, once he had woken from his nap! I left them to it and asked daddy to get some photo's of their fun and games! It sure looks like they made the most of it. Big monkey is pretty creative when it comes to making train and road tracks and was keen to make a good course for his little brother! 
As you can see, little monkey loved playing outside with his big brother's creation! They can play really nicely together, athough there are usually some little arguments along the way. The photo's seem to say they played without incident this time!
The cars and trains captured their imagination for a while before the bubble machine came out! I think big monkey got wet from time to time, carrying it around and letting the mixture leak out but I'm sure it added to the fun! I wonder if Daddy thought so too?! 
Little monkey's trike was given to us when big monkey was younger, so it's had a good ride or two! He loves it though, and managed to navigate it around the toys they had out! 
How, much more can they pack into their garden play? Golf, by the looks of it too! Big monkey likes a game or two.
It seems like they all enjoyed the fun in the sun. It's nice to see they are happy, whilst I'm working. Luckily it's only a few hours each week.
I hope they wore daddy out, like they do me ;-)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Go Daddy, Go.........

Tuesday saw a day of fast and furious fun at Brands Hatch in Kent. The monkeys and I went along to watch daddy drive an Aston Martin V8 Vantage 5 times around the circuit. I have to say it was great fun to watch and pretty exciting too! I even thought I'd quite like to have a go at some point.
Daddy had been given a Driving Experience Day for his 40th back in March and had to choose from 6 cars, then pre-book the day. When we arrived for the briefing there were lots of other drivers doing the same thing. Obviously very popular! It was well organised though and went without a hitch, (thankfully!)
The monkeys were so excited to watch daddy and were so well behaved, even with all the waiting around there was. Big monkey now has a mounted photo of daddy driving the Aston Martin, which we are going to put up on his wall.


1, 2, 3, Count with me! (Small Steps, Amazing Achievements)

Little monkey has never really showed any interest in learning colours and counting. Until recently that is! He now counts to 3 and is very proud of himself. To be fair, I think he has mainly learnt this off Peppa Pig and also by copying me when I say "I'm going to count to three" 1, 2, 3...........
His speech is coming along so much more now too, so the two things combined makes for a very proud mummy and a pleased little monkey when he gets lots of praise for doing so well. 
Keep smiling monkey, we love you xx

Ethans Escapades


Run, Jump and Play in a Day!

Today we met up with good friends AK and Finn from mybuggyjunction and after the monkeys all had a play and we all had some lunch, we drove to Runnymead to play some more and show them my parents boat. The weather was fab again and the trio of monkeys had great fun flying planes that my parents bought them, whilst the real planes flew overhead, the boats cruised past up and down the Thames and the cars drove past!! Even the wildlife got in on the action. All photo's tell the tale of today's adventures.
The monkeys enjoyed a 'picnic' tea inside the front of the boat after AK and Finn went home and then they left me on the boat for a short while, whilst they went for an evening stroll along the towpath and back again. It's hard to believe we were very close to a major road network! It could not be heard nor be seen. Thanks guys for such a fab day out, running, jumping and playing about!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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