Brother Max Two Drinks Sports Bottle-Review

We were recently asked to review the Brother Max Sports Bottle and of course said yes! This bottle can be used 4 ways:
  • two separate drinks
  • one larger single drink 
  • freeze the inner bottle to keep the outer drink cold
  • 2nd drink once thawed
The inner bottle holds 125ml and the outer 220ml. Combined 340ml. It is also shaped so little hands can hold it and is leak proof. The bottle is BpA-free. Suitable from 12+ months.
Little monkey has been trying out the bottle and has had no issues with drinking from it. I however, made a boob and put too much water in the inner core, then froze it, I didn't realise the top had popped off in the freezer, so when it thawed laying flat on it's own as a separate drink inside a lunch box, it leaked! Whoops!........so lesson learned. 
So back to normal, the bottle has proved to be a hit with monkey. It washes up well, with no little bits that can't be got to when cleaned and there are no little bits to take apart inside the lid like some other bottles. The little stoppers on the lid are easy for monkey to use and so far we've had no leaks (other than my error!) I have been putting water in the inner core and weak blackcurrant in the main bottle, so little monkey has a choice of drinks in one go!
It's a neat looking bottle with clean lines that I'm happy with too. 
You can see other products by Brother Max here. Why not take a look at their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too.

** We were sent this bottle free of charge for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own **



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