Daddy, DADDY-Wot So Funee?

I just had to share this with you, little monkey had us in fits of giggles just now! He was meant to be having a nap. Big monkey and daddy decided to go into the garden to play and after a while I get called out there. Upstairs there's a little face at the window, tucked behind his blind, calling out Daddy, Daddy, then waving a grinning like a Cheshire cat!
The little money was stood on the bed frame being nosey.....................Here is a photo of him just as Big monkey ran in to get him!
Are your little ones cheeky too?

Wot So Funee?


  1. LOL kids can be cheeky! #MMWBH

  2. Oh I did that all the time when I was meant to be asleep. My friend lived opposite and we used to shout out of the window at each other!

    1. Lol! He was dead quiet and I assumed he was asleep but he had other ideas. It was his face that was so funny! He thought it was hilarious ;-)

  3. Awww bless him, that's very cute :-)



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