DMD Digital Ear Thermometer for Baby, Children & Adults-Review

We were recently asked to test out this product, here are our thoughts below.
This ear thermometer arrived well packaged, in it's own pouch too. The product was in a clear plastic bag within the pouch. Already provided with a battery, I just had to pull the tab from it and it was set to go. It's very easy to use, does exactly as stated in the instructions and gave results almost instantly. Very compact, so ideal for travel and keeping in a baby change bag or handbag. Lightweight also. I would highly recommend this product for giving an accurate reading on babies, children and adults.  
This thermometer is available from Amazon and can be found here.

*We were sent provided with the funds to purchase this for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. we have a digital one you put under your armpit, but I'm always worried that it's not accurate - this could be a beter idea

  2. Tested it on 3 of us and seemed very good Mary! x



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