Go Daddy, Go.........

Tuesday saw a day of fast and furious fun at Brands Hatch in Kent. The monkeys and I went along to watch daddy drive an Aston Martin V8 Vantage 5 times around the circuit. I have to say it was great fun to watch and pretty exciting too! I even thought I'd quite like to have a go at some point.
Daddy had been given a Driving Experience Day for his 40th back in March and had to choose from 6 cars, then pre-book the day. When we arrived for the briefing there were lots of other drivers doing the same thing. Obviously very popular! It was well organised though and went without a hitch, (thankfully!)
The monkeys were so excited to watch daddy and were so well behaved, even with all the waiting around there was. Big monkey now has a mounted photo of daddy driving the Aston Martin, which we are going to put up on his wall.



  1. I can now see this is how to encourage interest in a sport from a early age, watch out Michael Schumacher (showing my age) The Monkeys will want to beat their Dad and go on to drive for formula 1, looks great fun and WOW what a beautiful car x

  2. Looks like you all had a fab time!!!

  3. Looks fab, I spent half my childhood at Brands Hatch - rather jealous of the Aston driving!

    1. I spent a fair amount of time there too with my dad and brother!



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