He is Growing So Fast!-Magic Moments

Last week big monkey spent five mornings at Soccer Club. Now, some of you would say "so what!" The thing is he was left there with other young lads and some friends from school and had a great time it would seem, with just a few tears one morning when he couldn't see one of his friends initially. This would not have happened some time ago and I'm very proud he lasted the week and came away with a certificate of achievement and match tickets, so he and daddy can go and watch a match at our local team. I think he is pretty proud himself too, and the best bit was, I arrived to collect him at the end on the last day, just as his name was called out to go and get his certificate and shake hands with the coach. It made me well up with pride.
Well done Son. I knew you could do it! xx


  1. Well done Big Monkey!! how super that his confidence is growing :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. A lovely #MagicMoment

  3. awwwww that's amazing :) Well done

  4. well done big monkey and have fun at the match with your daddy!

  5. Aww what a lovely memory, so fab that you arrived at the perfect time!



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