He Is So Crazy ;-)

Big monkey is a crazy soul and this just proves how much! I defy you not to giggle!
Some time ago whilst we were skyping Nanny and Grandad, who live on a boat, monkey was having a conversation with them and was asked to end the call shortly as it was time to get ready for bed! I took the laptop over and he started to undress in the background. On saying my goodbyes, big monkey decided it would be funny to randomly come up to the laptop and do a moony to the webcam, so that all nanny and grandad could see there end, was his peachy white bottom!! 
I know we shouldn't have laughed but we were all in huge fits of giggles! It was truly the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time! It's a good job we weren't skyping the queen or someone! ;-))
The photo goes to show another example of how funny big monkey can be! He was a bit younger in the picture but is still as silly.

*Cycle Addicts are running a competition and this is our entry. Family Fever and My Buggy Junction may like to enter too!*



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