Run, Jump and Play in a Day!

Today we met up with good friends AK and Finn from mybuggyjunction and after the monkeys all had a play and we all had some lunch, we drove to Runnymead to play some more and show them my parents boat. The weather was fab again and the trio of monkeys had great fun flying planes that my parents bought them, whilst the real planes flew overhead, the boats cruised past up and down the Thames and the cars drove past!! Even the wildlife got in on the action. All photo's tell the tale of today's adventures.
The monkeys enjoyed a 'picnic' tea inside the front of the boat after AK and Finn went home and then they left me on the boat for a short while, whilst they went for an evening stroll along the towpath and back again. It's hard to believe we were very close to a major road network! It could not be heard nor be seen. Thanks guys for such a fab day out, running, jumping and playing about!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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