Two Nights Without Mummy and Daddy

Big monkey has just got back after staying away without us for the last 2 nights with good friends of ours. They only live around the corner but this was his 1st ever time away from home and I'm so proud he did it. His friend J (the same age as him) and monkey had a fab time together. Mostly they enjoyed playing on the go-kart in the garden I'm told, and helping at our friends allotment. 
Big monkey had a wobble when little monkey and I bumped into him but he changed his mind about wanting to come home early and even stayed the extra night! It was so odd him not being here but nice and quiet too!
Look what big monkey made (with our friends help!) Isn't it great. He even let little monkey play with it on his return today.

Ethans Escapades


  1. Well done to another Monkey! and I love the train

  2. Aww bless!! Staying away for home for the fist time is a big step! Well done him & you x

  3. Such a big thing to do staying away from home, I think he did really well for completing a two night stay. The train is amazing.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)



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