We've been to Lollibop :)

Lollibop, 'the Big Bash for Little People' was held over three days this last weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun). Previously held in Regents Park, it was nearer to us at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this year and we were very lucky indeed to win family tickets via EmmysMummy, a fab blog.
To say I was excited, was an understatement, as I've always wanted to take the monkeys but have found the tickets for all of us to go, too expensive.
So yesterday we set off bright and early for two special treats for the boys, the train ride there and the actual festival. I had previously told the monkeys that we were going and showed big monkey the details about the acts and other fab stuff, on the internet. He too was very excited. Little monkey loves trains, so I figured we should have two happy bunny's (well monkeys), for our day out! The train there was straightforward and we got to Stratford in about 25 minutes. We met friends there and walked together from the station to the venue. It's a good 20 minute walk but we were directed on the way by chirpy stewards holding foam hands in the direction of our travel. 
We arrived in through the entrance at about 11.30am. No queuing, as we went in through the guest list section and no ID requested despite my confirmation email requesting I take it. 
On going into Lollibop, there were vast numbers of children and adults having fun, roaming around and taking everything in. The monkeys led the way to some extent. We saw Andy and Sid performing in the Lollipalladium. 

They were fun and engaging the crowd. Big monkey sat on daddy's shoulders and watched a very entertaining talk from the National Geographic channel. They showed the spectators a snake and I hid at the back behind the crowds, watching little monkey play in a sand pit. I hate snakes and they make me very nervous! Next up was a mooch around some of the stalls and the monkeys sampled some of the food stuff being given out. The Lolli Arena was where we headed to so that our friends daughter could see Hello Kitty on stage, then soon after Justin Fletcher was due on. 

Whilst waiting for him to wow the crowds, we had a bite to eat from one of a number of food vendors and made our way nearer to the stage as people moved on. We had a great view of Dick and Dom, Andy, Sid and Alex from Cbeebies, The Poetry Man, Hello Kitty and finally Justin himself. I have to say they were all fab. There was a huge crowd watching and I was a little concerned we were being tussled closer to the barriers at the front but Alex ushered everyone to sit down so the children could see, and this proved to be the best thing all round! Big money mainly stayed with daddy and they took photo's. I sat with little monkey, who despite the noise, fell asleep in his pushchair and generally, apart from a few adults who seemed to think it was OK to climb over the front of the pushchair or crowd in front of us, a good time was had by all with Justin. He was awesome.
After that, we had some down time and wandered the meadows and promenade. The monkeys ran about, had an ice-cream, played on the wooden step seats and generally took in the slightly more relaxed atmosphere. We had another wander around the festival, had our photo taken on the Duplo Train in the Duplo tent, from behind the crowds we saw the 8ft 'Titan the Robot' and the monkeys played in the kids play area.
Finally, before deciding to make our way home, we met up with the rest of our party, who some of which, we had been separated from. We got the monkeys a balloon each and made our way back to the exit, after a long but very fun day. We hope to be making an appearance at Lollibop again next year and would recommend it to anyone thinking of going when it's next on. I would say though, be prepared for a long day and to spend some money on food and other optional fun things. There WILL be lots of people and there is some waiting around.
We got back home about 6.30pm, tired and dusty, but happy and full of memories that will last a long time!

*We have not been asked to write this post, I've just done so to share our day. The tickets were won through a competition*



  1. Sounds like a great day out, great review of it

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and it was great seeing you all on the day :)
    Happy winner's make me happy. Xx

    1. All the thanks must go to you for having a comp I managed to win! We loved it. Thanks Clare xx

  3. Sounds like a fantastic day. Think I may well try and take the kids next year. Not too far and lots of fun!

    1. You should, we'll be hoping to go next year too!

  4. I went too! Yep there was a lot of waiting around!



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