While the Cat's Away.........

The monkeys and Daddy have fun in the garden!
As I left for work daddy and big monkey were setting up a ramp and track for little monkey, once he had woken from his nap! I left them to it and asked daddy to get some photo's of their fun and games! It sure looks like they made the most of it. Big monkey is pretty creative when it comes to making train and road tracks and was keen to make a good course for his little brother! 
As you can see, little monkey loved playing outside with his big brother's creation! They can play really nicely together, athough there are usually some little arguments along the way. The photo's seem to say they played without incident this time!
The cars and trains captured their imagination for a while before the bubble machine came out! I think big monkey got wet from time to time, carrying it around and letting the mixture leak out but I'm sure it added to the fun! I wonder if Daddy thought so too?! 
Little monkey's trike was given to us when big monkey was younger, so it's had a good ride or two! He loves it though, and managed to navigate it around the toys they had out! 
How, much more can they pack into their garden play? Golf, by the looks of it too! Big monkey likes a game or two.
It seems like they all enjoyed the fun in the sun. It's nice to see they are happy, whilst I'm working. Luckily it's only a few hours each week.
I hope they wore daddy out, like they do me ;-)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. It certainly looks like daddy and the monkeys had some fun :-)

    1. They did, and even went off to the park too! :-)

  2. So much fun & so simple! Taking toys to play with outside somehow makes them all the more fascinating, doesn't it?! Looks like a great day for all of them :-)

    1. They love exploring! Trouble is, they don't know what to get up to next!

  3. they seem to have kept daddy on his toes, and well done daddy on taking the pictures. Children dont need money spent all the time to have fun and yours prove that here.

  4. Wow they did manage to pack a lot of activities into the garden and their time with Daddy! Lovely photos of your Monkeys having a great time in the sunshine, thanks for sharing with Country Kids.



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