Yay, He's Done It!

Little monkey starts Preschool next week and I had wanted to have him potty trained. He is 2.5 and just not ready so I've now decided to wait, however I did think it would be better if he would wear pull ups, as I think they would be easier for the staff there to change. 
He had other idea's though and until now has got very upset and distressed when we have tried to put one on him. Yesterday Daddy had a break through and little monkey proudly came up to see me whilst I was getting dressed to show me how pleased with himself he was that he was wearing a pull up! Since then, he has had one on every change time! It's only a small step to you but a massive one here and it makes me very happy! He continues to be proud and so do we :)
As you can see, he is starting to sit on the potty too. A little way off from using it yet but it's a step in the right direction!
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