1st Day At Preschool

Yesterday was an emotional one. Big monkey started in year 1 at school and went off into his new class, with his new teacher but same classmates, with no problem at all. He looked very smart in his new uniform and I was proud he was so keen to go through the door!
Then it was off to little monkeys preschool for his 1st session there. I have to be honest, I was a little worried about how he would do and sad my little one is growing up so quick. I also wondered how he would be going in and being there without me. We had been there for a couple of settling in sessions but I had stayed both times.
He did really well and barely said goodbye! My little monkey saw the Peppa toys set out on the floor and happily went off to explore! I was very brave and went off home without him, with just a tiny streak of saddness but a huge touch of pride.
Whatever would I do with myself? I popped home, do a few jobs, went for tea and cake with friends and did a shop in Asda! All the while, wondering how he had got on and hoping for good news.
Eleven thirty soon came around and then it was time for all the parents to collect their children. As I walked up to the door, one of the staff said he had been upset after I'd left. So in I go to see him.
He was sat on his keyworkers lap, with his dummy and taggie and as soon as he saw me he sobbed :(
I couldn't contain my emotions anymore! I felt so bad and sad that he was so upset.
The staff assured me he had not been upset the whole time and that he had been happiest playing in the garden but I just felt mean for leaving him! He is back there Friday and already I'm wondering how he will be.
I know he'll get used to it and his big brother was similar BUT it doesn't stop the worrying does it! The Preschool is fab and there is no doubt I'll persevere. I just hope he soon feels happier there, as I know he'll love it once he settles in. In the meantime I'm proud he made his 1st session!


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