Fort We Had Fun!

Yesterday saw our Sunday start off with jobs around the house, whilst the monkeys played. It's the only day of the week Mr Monkey doesn't work, so we try and spend the day as a family, doing the things around the house that need doing, having some sort of outing and then preparing for the new week ahead.
After the jobs had been done, little monkey had a nap and I took big monkey to a classmates 6th Birthday party. It was at a local sports center where he joined in with the fun and games, which are right up his street. He had a great time and it was nice for me to spend some time alone with him, chat to the other mums and have a break from the tidying and stuff I had been doing back at home!
A quick dash home afterwards, to grab a bite to eat prepare the nights dinner then we all set off to one of our favourite parks!
It has a giant Fort in it, which the council consulted the users of the park over, adults and children alike. The construction started with a high bit, suited to older children, then earlier this year the whole thing was added to, for younger children. The monkeys love it and I'm so impressed wheelchair users can access the newest bit, as can parents with pushchairs!
I took the photo's and let daddy do the climbing with the monkeys but to be honest they manged most of it themselves! Daddy just needed to lift little monkey up onto the higher bits. The other great thing about the fort play area is that it's fenced off for safety and dogs are not allowed, which makes play so much easier in such a vast place, with two monkeys who are pretty terrified of dogs.
The monkeys loved the slides and we even had time in the cool windy Autumn afternoon visit to find and collect conkers. As you can see from the top photo, little monkey was very excited by that!
We really do have some great places for families to visit locally to us and our outing yesterday was another great way to spend some quality family time together.

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