#MagicMoments-He's a Star

Last week saw the return of school for big monkey and during the holidays he had told me he hates school! Now, this I know not to be true and sure enough on the morning of the 1st day back he said "I love school mum". He had just been carried away with the summer holidays and the change in routine. 
I'm pleased to say he settled back into school like he had never been away, and I was delighted and trilled for him when he came out of his class last Friday with this!
He was so chuffed to have been called out in front of the other children in assembly and handed this Star of the Week certificate. I'm yet to discover exactly why he got it, as he was very vague, but you know what, it really doesn't matter!! He had been looking to getting one the whole of foundation stage, so to come away with one the 1st week in year 1 was the best thing ever!! 
Well done Son, we are so proud of you xx

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