Monkey Trouble

I really did not know what we had let ourselves in for when we decided to have children! Silly, I know as I've always worked with children....but when you have a baby of your own and they start growing up, there are no warnings about how tough things can be at times!!
We have those times! Little monkey is now 2 years and 7 months old and once he turned 1, he was generally a troublesome tot, who then settled for a while. Big monkey, on the other hand was a little love until way after he turned 2 and we didn't then, ever have any real trouble until after he turned 4. Boy has that changed now! He is 5 years and 4 months old and acts like a teenager.
We have attitude, back chat, he lashes out, shouts and screams and generally insists on getting his own way a lot of the time! Only at home though!....He is an angel in school and largely everywhere else we go! 
So, where did we go wrong? And what have we done to deserve such a terror at times?!
As the saying goes....'when he's good, he's very good and when he's bad'........
He is loving, bright, caring towards others, active, into sports, and keen to learn but it seems at home with us, he thinks he knows best, is lord of the manner and can do what he pleases! He seems to have little or no respect for us.

Is this normal?

How long will it last?!

I'm really hoping that we will soon start to see a change in his behaviour at home, (which inccidently started well into foundation stage at school). However, I'm now seeking help, support and advice from school, as we are really struggling. Little monkey is beginning to copy his behaviour and I can't and won't have that!

Please tell me, we are not alone in this, and big monkeys behaviour is not uncommon! Surely it's just a phase???

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