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Carrying on the Meme from Helen at Stickers Stars and Smiles and the tag from the lovely Kate at Family Fever. I have some pets hates, too many to name......else I might be considered a miserable old woman! But to be honest there are several things I would put into Room 101 and these 3 top the list.

Non disabled drivers who park in bays for disabled drivers
I have always worked with children with disabilities and cannot abide drivers who consider it OK to park in the parking bays for disabled badge holders, especially annoying when trying to park a mini bus or vehicle full of children who need to use the space!
Personally I could never use one myself as a non disabled driver and I don't see why others should too!

Dog owners who don't clear up their dog's poop!
Twice in two days last week I stepping in dog poo whilst doing the school run......it's disgusting! Please clean up after your dog and use the bins provided!!! How are children expected to play on grassland or walk and scoot about, if there is dog mess everywhere?
People who don't have manners!
Whilst from time to time people need reminding to have manners it is common curtiousy to say please and thank you. A prime example of when people don't do this is when you hold a door open for them or give way to them in the car. Manners cost nothing and how are we to teach our children good manners if we adults don't use them!

Now bog off into Room 101! I really would love to see the back of these 3 pet hates!

I'm tagging Fiona at Mamas Little Baby Loves, Carly at Mummy And The Chunks and Rachael at L- Plate Mummy.
Why not see what they would put into Room 101 and let me know if you too would put in there what I have!

Stickers, Stars and Smiles

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