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Gina from Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies decided it would be good to find out a bit more about each other after her daughters school sent home a booklet called All About Me. So the deal is, you answer the questions and then tag 5 other bloggers into the Meme so that they too can take part if they wish, and everyone gets to know something more about those taking part. The lovely Jane from Ethans Escapades tagged me...thank you Jane.

Here's my contribution:

First off tell us your name and what you do (nice easy one there)…
I'm Jo Laybourn, wife to my husband Mark whom I've known since 2005 and mummy to our two sons, who are 5 and 2.5 yrs old. I also work 16 hrs a week with children with disabilities, something I have done in one capacity or another since leaving college at 18. I started blogging back in March, so count myself as a juggler also, amongst many other things!

I live at home with 
Mark and the boys. 

My favourite thing to do is… 
Spend time with my family. I'm close to my family and a home bird at heart.

My favourite thing to eat is… 
A full roast dinner with all the trimmings. Preferably one cooked by my parents!

When I get cross I… 
Cry! Not usually straight away, but often in the end, out of frustration. 

Sometimes I worry because… 
I'm a worrier! I used to worry about anything and everything, but funnily enough, less so now I'm happily married and have the boys! I do worry about them growing up in the big wide world, but I worry less than ever before! Maybe I just worry about different things now?!

My favourite book is… 
Anything by female Irish authors....Sheila O'Flanagan being one of them. I've not read a book since having our eldest son though, as baby magazines then Facebook took over.

My favourite toy is (easy now)…
My iPhone 4s! I love it and it's glued to me all the time. I would never have any other phone now!

I dislike… 
Lots of things! Crime, people who are nasty, rain, the depths of winter, benefit fraud, bank charges, not having more money....the list goes on! ;)

When I grow up I want to be… 
A mum, so I'm there already! Being a mum and having the joy of my own children is ultimately what I've always wanted. I'd like to write children's stories but it's a dream that will remain a dream....Its good to have dreams, right??
There, now you know a bit more about me. I'm going to invite the following friends and bloggers to join in the Meme and let them share their details with you too.

Welcome Clare from Emmys Mummy
AK from My Buggy Junction
Kate from Family Fever
Colette from We're Going On An Adventure 
Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum.

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