Bundlebean Go-Review

Mum Emily Goodall decided she had too many baby blankets, footmuffs, raincovers etc, so she came up with the idea of a 'one does all compact, waterproof cover'. I've had my eye on the multi-award winning Bundlebean Go pretty much since they were 1st launched but kinda felt they might not be quite what we wanted. Since then though I've heard nothing but great things so was pleased to be offered one for review! I was given a choice of design and went for the red stars one. We are big fans of stars in our house, so I was excited to see it in the flesh when it arrived promptly, after agreeing on the design. The stars are a very very pale pink but totally unisex I would say.
The Bundlebean Go is a 5 in 1 travel cover. Ideal for car seats, pushchairs, bike seats, over slings and carriers and as a playmat or picnic blanket. It is packaged in a clear plastic carry pouch that the bundlebean is rolled into, so it's pretty compact! I must say I did struggle to get it out of the pouch but there's no doubt a knack to it. One side is fleece and the other a waterproof nylon. There is a big pocket on the front for little hands to go in and of course the Bundlebean logo on the pocket.
It rolls neatly for storage or as you can see above, just folds flat. Two zips can be pulled to create an elasticated edge around the bottom of the bundlebean, so that it can be secured under the bottom of the carseat or pushchair etc. I found this pretty useful using it on our pushchair! The packaging shows how the straps can be fastened onto whatever it is used on for extra security. 
I'm really surprised at how long the Bundlebean Go is. Little monkey is 3 at the end of January yet there is plenty of room under the cover for him in our pushchair. I secured the bottom of it under the bottom of the pushchair but you can in fact leave their little feet dangling out so muddy boots etc don't soil it. We've yet to use the bundlebean in the rain but I really can't see why it wouldn't help to keep little monkey dry.
I think this cover really can help to shield little ones from the elements and it's useful it has so many uses. I should have got one sooner! Nevertheless we shall be putting it to good use, even once little monkey no longer uses his pushchair. It will make a lovely picnic blanket next summer. I'm even going to use it indoors.
The RRP of the Bundlebean Go starts at £29.99, This design retails at £32.99. Bundlebean have a Facebook and Twitter account, why not take a look.
*We were gifted this for review purposes. All opinions and views are my own*

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