Conker Capers

"Conkers is a traditional children's game in Britain and Ireland played using the seeds of Horse Chestnut trees—the name 'conker' is also applied to the seed and to the tree itself. The game is played by two players, each with a conker threaded onto a piece of string: they take turns striking each others conker until one breaks."

The monkeys have been learning how to play conkers with daddy! (Well big monkey has, anyway!) They have enjoyed hunting for the conkers and now it's daddy's mission to teach them both in time, how to play the traditional game. I used to play it too and remember my brother and dad playing. They used to use shoe laces. Little monkey is a little too young to play properly at the moment but of course he had to have a go, he and big monkey thought it was fun. There were no winners during this contest, just good old fun and something new learned.
And did you know, if you keep a bowl of conkers indoors, they keep the spiders away!
Have you and the children played conkers this season yet? Who won?

*Quote by Wilkipedia

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