It's The Small Things.......

Yesterday I promised the monkeys a bus ride. Pretty normal thing to do but not when your youngest monkey LOVES buses. He would ride in one or sit and watch them all day if he could. We even have to look for them whilst out in the car and look out of his bedroom window to find some. Telling the monkeys yesterday morning what we were doing was met with squeals of delight.

So, we drove to get Nana (who often joins us on an outing a few Saturdays a month), then we went to one of two Park and Rides near us. I'd never been to one locally before, but the transition from car to bus was smooth and the journey into town, leaving the car parked, was only £2.50 for the four of us. Little monkey sat perfectly still on the ride, he was so happy bless him! Even the other passengers commented on his excitement, when he kept saying "bus, bus". How sad that we all enjoyed our little bus ride into town! We even went through the University Campus which I've never seen before.

So, we get to town very smoothly, with buggy in tow for little monkey and had a wonder around. Little monkey just wanted to see the other buses about town and get back on the bus to have another ride. Instead we went to the toy shop for a very small treat for each of them, popped into a couple of other shops, then later made our way back to the Park and Ride bus stop.

This time the bus was neigh on empty and both monkeys had a pick of the seats. Once again, the ride was smooth and straight forward, with the bus lanes making it much quicker than driving in the car. The driver waved as we disembarked, which made little monkeys day. Finally, a stop at our local MacDonalds for a lunch time treat, then we dropped Nana home. I'm sure as a child, I rode on a bus or two but I really can't remember. It's funny how the small, inexpensive things we do with our children, often give them the most pleasure.

I'd love to know what you did this weekend?

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