Life Can Be So Cruel!

Why is life so unfair at times? Nice people do nice things and yet often it's the not so nice people that get on in life! Those that deserve the best often don't get it and those that don't do. People who back stab and manipulate work their way up in the world and those that are kind and helpful stay where they are. 
It just doesn't make sense. I had some very sad news yesterday about a lad I worked with and it wasn't nice. He didn't deserve what happened and neither do lots of people who are taken ill or have their lives cut short. 
The world works in mysterious ways and the more I think about it and the older I get, the more I truly believe you should live life they way you want to, and do the things you set your heart on! Life is too short and too precious not to go out and do what you feel you need to! This is the motto I will be telling my two monkeys as they grow up. I want them to get on and do everything they want to, be it travel, have a career, have a family....whatever they choose. 
Just remember, you never know what's around the corner so please live life to the full and most of all have fun! You deserve to.

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