Short, Back and Sides

Today the monkeys had a much needed haircut. Luckily big monkey enjoys having his done and has been having his hair cut regularly since he was about 18 months old. One of our close friends is a hairdresser, so 90% of the time she has cut his hair. He always sits very still and is well behaved. The monkeys know her well and she is used to cutting children's hair so does a good job of making them feel comfortable.
Little monkey has obviously not had too many haircuts at only 2.5 years old but has had about 4 now and with each cut his hair has grown back a little thicker. He screamed and screamed the 1st time Helen cut his hair, so it was abandoned as a bad job, but with each subsequent time he has been happier for her to cut it, and today saw the best cut so far! He sat on my lap and she cut it as quickly as she could with the promise of a biscuit as a reward. What a good boy he was. He looks so grown up with a decent haircut and no longer my baby with baby fine hair. It's a sad feeling but also one of pride that he is growing up and becoming a little boy.

Do your children like having their haircuts? Did you as a child or now even as an adult? I'd love to know.

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