Something To Celebrate

After a few really horrid weeks where big monkeys behaviour was awful (at home), and there were other stresses to deal with, it's really nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Little monkey has settled into Preschool really well and even wants to go there on days he isn't meant to. His speech is coming on in leap and bounds and it's so lovely to hear him sing along with us or to the TV when he hears a song he recognises. I have sung 'Hush Little Baby' to him since he was a newborn and for a long time now he has asked me to sing it at bedtime each night. Now, when I do, he joins in! So cute......He also love watching 'Dinosaur Train' on the TV and sings the theme tune to that too!
Big monkey is working really hard on his behaviour at home at the moment and I'm thrilled to say we have had no acts of aggression form him for nearly two weeks now. I credit the help and support from school and from the school nurse for helping us to help him. We are working with reward charts and stickers for positive behaviour and each day is happier and more refreshing in our household. It really has changed things for the better. The negativity was getting to Mr monkey and I and making for a really tough time, but now things seem so much better.
Once again I'm really enjoying being a mummy and re-discovering the delights the monkeys give us.

I'd love to hear if there's something to celebrate in your household, however small it may be!

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