Year One Parents Evening-Mummy Couldn't go!

Today has been eventful! Little monkey went to Preschool and on his return I had my hair done by my good friend and hairdresser Helen. After she had gone home, whilst little monkey was napping, I had a call. Big monkey was unwell at school and they asked me to collect him, which of course I did! Whilst there though, I caught my finger on the school gate, thinking I had got a blood blister. No....a big bruise and swollen finger! How, I don't know. It still hurts now.
Luckily after getting home and having some TLC, big monkey is much improved, but he only improved after Daddy went off to the school parents evening alone, whilst I stayed home looking after the monkeys and feeling a little under the weather myself! Typical hey!
All was great though, as on his return Daddy had fab news! Big monkey is doing very well at school and his teacher is very pleased with him. He is working well, is well behaved, doing extremely well with numeracy and steadily with literacy. 
His teacher had asked that he ask for help more when needed, as he tends to be quiet. She has given us and he rest of the parents in the class, a list of resources to help our little ones. We are so pleased with the school and the way he has settled in there. He seems to really enjoy learning and thrives on doing well.
A big high five monkey! We love you xx
Ethans Escapades

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