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Since I started blogging back at the end of March the blog has mainly covered things about the monkeys and rightly so but I thought it would be good to look back on a time before the monkeys came along. I'm pleased to take part in this fab Meme started by Emma at Twinmummyanddaddy. I was tagged by the lovely Chantelle who blogs over at Mama Mummy Mum.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?
It would have to be safari in the Masi Mara in Kenya. My husband and I went there on honeymoon back in 2007. It was a dream holiday to a destination we were both keen to go to and was just awesome. The animals out in the wild really were something to behold. We spent the 1st part of our honeymoon on safari, then spent a week at a beach resort in Mombasa and finally 2 nights in the rainforest in a treehouse. A really magical start to our married life and our last holiday abroad to date. Big monkey came along 11 months later.

What is your funniest memory pre-children?
This is a really hard one to answer as I have so many funny memories. One that sticks in my mind though is of a dear friend who fell out of her dress trying to save herself when she tumbled down some stairs at our wedding night venue. Being a bit tipsy as you do at a wedding, she lost her footing and gave us all a giggle then and we still giggle over it even now from time to time!

What was your favourite thing to do in the evening?
I worked shifts so some evenings I would be at work. When I wasn't working I would like nothing more than to eat a meal with my husband and snuggle up on the sofa with him watching something on TV. It's really hard to remember a time without the monkeys to be honest. Now my evenings are spent blogging and catching up on social media to the detriment of my housework and chores!
What hobbies do you have that you can no longer do?
I used to be a real shopaholic before the monkeys came along. I had more shoes than you can imagine, and would be seen at the nearest shopping center whenever I wasn't working. But now I have less time, money and inclination to shop. Since putting on weight with the two pregnancies and not going back to my previous weight yet, I've lost all interest in clothes shopping for me. To be fair I would much rather spend any money I might have spare on the boys and buying things for them. So I suppose I do still enjoy shopping, just on two special little boys. Your priorities change somewhat don't they!
What do you think you took for granted before having children?
This is quite easy to answer as I really felt it when I didn't have the chance to do it so easily once the monkeys came along! I took for granted that I could just nip out whenever I wanted at the drop of a hat. It hit me hard at first if I'm honest when big monkey was born and I could no longer do this. Of course I could still go out, but a quick dash to the shop to get milk is a far bigger operation when you have to take a newborn or ensure someone is with him so you can go alone! I suppose living on my own for so long and doing what I liked when I liked had given me a sense of selfishness that I had to change dramatically.

If I have tagged you below, I would love you to take part but don't feel you have to! 
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