The Buggysnuggle Company have been around since 1998. Born from an idea 'two mates' had to make 'snuggly stuff'. The Buggysnuggle is now a multi award winning must have pushchair accessory for every baby.
I have kindly been sent one recently to review and was pleased to be given the chance to choose the design of Buggysnuggle I would like. There are many on the website, some are made from fleece, some fur fabric and some are textured. I chose the Aqua Dinosaurs Fur one as currently little monkey is very much into Dinosaurs and it looked most fun for him.
Once I had made my selection with Buggysnuggle, it arrived very quickly, in the red packaging above with the distinct logo on it. The actual buggysnuggle comes in cardboard packaging (as in the photo above), which has instructions on it so the buggysnuggle can be easily attached to the pushchair. Big monkey was so excited to see little monkey had something new for the pushchair, that he insisted on laying inside it on the floor in the lounge.
Little monkey seemed happy with it too until I went to take him out in his pushchair with it on! I had to take it off and try again another time. This has no reflection on the buggysnuggle, it is just how he can be sometimes with new things. He is now currently refusing to wear his new wellies, but I know he will. 
Anyway, eventually little monkey was OK about having the buggysnuggle attached to his pushchair and now that the weather is getting colder I feel this will be a Godsend. It was very easy to fit, as per the instructions on the packaging, but equally manageable without. The top can be removed to turn it into a liner only, and the whole thing is zipped from side to side and around the bottom. It zips two ways so that muddy shoes and boots can be left dangling outside. It is fully machine washable. It has a 'teddy' pocket on the front and the top can either be folded down or pulled up high to shield little one from the elements. The fur material is very luxurious, very thick and very snuggly. Little monkey soon settled to sleep in it.
The dinosaur print on this particular buggysnuggle is fab, really fun and interesting for little ones. Several people have said they would like one for themselves. Due to the design of our pushchair I couldn't actually hook the flap at the top of the buggysnuggle over the top my pushchair to secure it in place, and haven't used the ties either, as I like to recline the backrest when little monkey has his nap, but it still stayed in place no problem at all. I've no doubt those features will secure it further if used on a different pushchair. Little monkey seemed to stay very warm and snuggly in it. At 100 cms long the length for him is just right. He is 3 at the end of January but not particularly tall, so it will definitely last until his pushchair days are over.
I have to say we LOVE the Buggysnuggle and will be recommending it to anyone looking for a universal footmuff. I'm sure you'll agree little monkey looks so cosy in it. I wish they did adult ones!
Buggysnuggle also do picnic blankets, hats, dinkysnuggles and beachbugs. They can be found on Facebook and followed on twitter.

*We were sent a Buggysnuggle for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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