Halloween Fun

We're not big on Halloween, have never been to a Halloween Party or been trick or treating and to be honest both Mr Monkey and I tend to think the whole thing is a bit commercialised. But this year we decided to do a little with the monkeys, as big monkey is more aware of what it is now he is at school.  
We asked them if they would like to carve some pumpkins and were met with a resounding yes! Big monkey insisted on getting them with daddy and drawing his own template on his pumpkin.
For little monkeys benefit I got a Peppa Pig cupcake cake mix, which was Halloween themed too and then we set to work.
The cupcake icing actually tasted to me like pumpkin, which I personally really wasn't sure about, but the monkeys had fun making them.
Daddy and big monkey both did a pumpkin each (which daddy calved of course) and both were excited to see their creations lit up! We had a bit of an upset when big monkey realised he wasn't allowed to light them himself.....but he soon cheered up when he saw them lit.
I'm sure you will agree they did a good job! Neither monkey showed any interest in going out trick or treating and we only had one knock at the door. Luckily we had treats in! Big monkey was a little scared going to bed Halloween night....he thought the witches would be outside. I'm pleased to say I managed to settle him and calm his fears.
I wonder if we'll have to do the whole Halloween thing as the years go by and the monkeys get more involved with the hype?
What did you do? Do you do Halloween?

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